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should I "wash" my plants after harvest?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by BlazenChili, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. we have not had a drop of rain for 25 days... I plan on harvesting in 3 days and my plants are covered with cottonwood seeds, dandilion seeds, bird shit, dead bugs dirt etc... (the buds are so frosty everything is sticking to 'em)

    would it be a good idea to spray 'em down with the garden hose (similar to a light rain) to clean 'em up? Seems like a pain in the ass to do that... what do other outdoor gorilla growers do?
  2. depending on the size of the plant, i just take what i can after its cut, turn it upside down and shake the crap out of it. this at least gets rid of anything loose and especially the bugs, spider, etc. not sure much can be done for the dusty dirt that has accumulated as it is stuck to resin glands. when trimming, most of the unpleasant stuff should come off.

    maybe somebody else has some better advice, but as far as im concerned, thats nature bro.

    peace out.:)
  3. thanks, good stuff

    plants are not huge but are dense heavy colas... may be better to just keep 'em dry...

    I am right next to a lake... I was even considering just giving them a quick dunk before hangin' to dry... perhaps I am not keeping it simple here...

    it has been very nice in MN all Oct... things are looking good... perhaps better to just keep 'em dry :smoke:
  4. better to just keep 'em dry :smoke::hello:

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