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Should I try a brownie?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Mr.Wiggles, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Lemme start out by saying..I haven't smoked pot in over a year..due to some issues after my uncle dying, which made me much more anxiety prone and has made me a much deeper/over thinker since. But all my friends still smoke pot etc. It's been a year and I feel a lot better mentally...a lot more like myself and more at peace so to speak. My friend has brownies that he makes on the regular and he told me it's more of a body high and that I should try one or a half of one and it will be less heady than smoking pot.

    I have always been anxiety prone from marijuana, even before any life changing events which I mentioned before. I seem to get pretty damn paranoid most of the time and tend to get lost in my head space so to speak...over analyze things and just think a lot deeper about things...sometimes in a bad way in that it can produce anxiety. I do wanna try eating a brownie...I don't take any prescription pills or anything like that regularly, however I do have 5mg of valium. Would taking the 5mg of valium effectively mellow out any anxiety I may face after I eat the brownie...or even if I just smoke?
  2. Not too much harm in having half an edible, try eating a mid to light meal before eating it to help slow digestion to ease into the high. Just remember to relax and enjoy your self. If you regularly take valium take it with it if not don't bother unless you really begin to freak out. No sense in adding too many friends to the party metaphorically speaking.
  3. I don't take any prescription drugs regularly. There was a period of my life as described in previous posts of mine in which I had experienced anxiety and just not feeling like myself in general. I'm pretty much past that BUT not completely. In that, I do not get anxiety attacks..and haven't had an anxiety attack or over anxiety in around a year...however, my thought process has changed since the experience that initially triggered my anxiety. I don't feel entirely like myself again...and I do tend to over analyze and generally think much deeper than I used to.

    The only times I have taken valium or xanax has been occasionally when I had legitimate anxiety (not marijuana induced) during that period, to ease it enough that I could talk myself down. In the case of using it alongside would be to ease the edginess off the high, which for some reason I seem to experience...much more so than any friend of mine.
  4. you cant discuss this here...
  5. Uhm....This truly does seem like the most logical section to discuss EATING cannibus. I think it's a bit redundant to try to sub section everything so maticulously. It's not as if I'm discussing something genuinely off topic...It's not like I'm talking about smoking pot. I'm asking about eating the incredible edible section..

    ..Is it really needed to regulate things to the point that only recipes can be discussed here, yet not eating the product of such recipes?
  6. Yup, really no other answer.
  7. he meant you cant talk about other drugs on here dude

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