Should I trim "sugar" leaves?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by yinyang, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I took all the larger leaves off my buds but some of the smaller leaves protruding out the buds have so many trichomes on them i cant bring myself to trim them off!
    but i heard these little leaves can ruin the taste is this true?
    cuz i want to have some nice and smooth smoke
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    Depends on the bud your growing. If its heady quality I remove ALL leaves, because it can ruin truely dank bud very easily. I use the sugar leaves to make hash though. If its mid quality bud trim the sugar leaves even with the buds to they look nice. Save the clippings...leave them out for a day on a piece of paper (or drying screen if you have one) then slide them from the paper into a mason jar, then once you have a large amount from all your harvests turn 'em into hash :)

    For a real smooth A++ smoke slow dry your buds for a week, then cure them in mason jars for 3-4 weeks. For my personal stash I keep them curing for 3+months (never opening the jar after the first month) its hundreds times better then any bud cured for the 2 weeks that most suggest.

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