Should I trade in all my cod games?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Purp Skurp, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. So I'm thinking about trading in all my cod games because I'm addicted to cod, it's the only series I can have fun on anymore and I'm not even sure why. The thing is I don't even really have fun on it anymore, this is basically what happens hen I get on, play a game kinda fun, rage, rage, rage quit 10 times, get off, 15 mins later get back on, rage, get off again.

    Yeah I'm pretty addicted so I think I might just trade them in and buy some other games, i try playing other games but I always come back to cod. I think as long as I have them I'm gonna keep playing them.

    I would be trading in cod 4, mw2, black ops, and mw3 and I would probably buy nba 2k12 and something else.
  2. Do it. COD is a dying series. COD 4 was the only good game in the series. Check out Battlefield, Gears if War if you got an Xbox and Halo too. All better than COD IMO.
  3. i love MW3

    i trade em in as they come out so its the only one i got.

    wish i still had Black Ops sometimes

    just put them away for a little bit, or lend em to a friend.

    i have played Halo and didn't enjoy it, have Battlefield 3 and have played it twice, and had all Gears of War for the x box when i had it.

    still enjoy COD more though, its all preference.

  4. I got battlefield, I just don't have much fun cause I'm level 5 and everybody else has all the good guns do I get shit on, I also got gears and it's pretty fun but idk.
  5. dont do it youll get like 10 bucks for 7 games
  6. U gotta play something that will last. If u havent already tryout skyrim, fallout new vegas or red dead redemption or la noire( sick )
  7. Well I traded them in and got nba2k12 and I've got $8 left
  8. Meh, not what I would've done, but ah well. I hope it was worth it
  9. I havent had a cod game in over a year but ended up tradin some shit in to get black ops
    So I could play zombies with my friends. I would keep one of them, theyre definitely nice to have. I regret selling all mine, I want another one besides blackops because everything except zombies sucks. Since the weapons were too powerful/accurate in mw2 they decided to make everything aim like shit and it's annoying as fuck
  10. I only ever have one COD game in my possession because they all seem the same to me anyway. In fact, I don't think I've bought a COD game since the original Black OPs came out.
  11. First post at GC, thought it would be best here since ive been a gamer since the regular Nintendo came out.

    I used to be a huge COD but its gone to crap. I loved waw and mw2, but black ops was complete shit ive never seen spawning that bad. If you sat in a spot for 2 mins the enemy team would always spawn nearby. Fallout New Vegas is the shit, I still play that more then anything else, skyrim is awesome aswell.
  12. It's really not worth it. I mean I've played my xbox for 5 months out of the two years I've had it, wasn't even turned on for the rest of it, and I still wouldn't trade it in with the games I have. The only Cod game I wish still had was waw. Zombies was legit on that.Me3 is a really great game, they release free dlc all the time, and have challenges every two weeks for free in game packs. It's third person so cod players wouldn't like it but I actually prefer it now, can see what's going on a lot better.
  13. GameStop would give you like $15 man seriously
  14. ^ I got $40
  15. [quote name='"Purp Skurp"']^ I got $40[/quote]

    Oh. Then I'm wrong.
  16. Halo man bed series ever

  17. Schmedrik is that you??? Sounds just like my boy that plays NOTHING but CoD and gets pissed everytime he plays.
  18. no i went to gamestop this week.
    COD MW3 is going for $15 in store credit/$12 cash money.

    glazed Knuckles was spot on
  19. Zombies sucks.

    Halo 2 1v1's
  20. [quote name='"Jamaican Hotbox"']Do it. COD is a dying series. COD 4 was the only good game in the series. Check out Battlefield, Gears if War if you got an Xbox and Halo too. All better than COD IMO.[/quote]

    Fuck yea ,gears of war. Actually requires SKILL.

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