Should I tell my therapist about my marijuana usage?

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  1. So I've been depressed for a while and really didn't talk too my therapist, I've gotten a steady dealer and I'm high 3 days out of the week. I also wonder I'd there is a possibility of a medical marijuana reccomendation, as I dislike and have had adverse effects from antidepressants in the past (suicidal thoughts). Whenever I'm stoned I get a positive outlook on things, almost my alternative medicine for depression.
  2. easy one; yep
    the more honest you are, the more effective the therapy will be.
  3. You should feel comfortable telling your therapist anything. If you aren't, it's time to find a new one.
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    Aren't we better than some therapist?
    Does he even blaze?
  5. If I went to a therapist my therapist would need a therapist.
  6. No.
    Tell him/her you do crack. Like in a legitimate way.
    Then see how he/she reacts. 
    Then be like, "nah, trolololol, omg, like I just smoke weed." That will ease things in real nice. 
  7. I told my therapist. He said that he couldn't help me because they are government sponsored. But they have no problems trying to shove SSRIs down my throat. They wanted to prescribe something that reviews on the internet say causes intense and often frightening nightmares. No thanks.
  8. You can't go in to your personal therapist and expect to have a good chance of getting a card, unless your in a super laid back place, like my town. You're gonna have to ask around, cause if there is a doctor that prescribes mmj, your gonna have to find out about him or her. If you know anyone who has a card, ask them who they went to. Otherwise, maybe consider going somewhere else to get it, if that's possible.

    "She was living in a single room with three other individuals. One of them was a male and the other two, well the other two were female. God only knows what they were up to in there. And furthermore, Susan, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them habitually smoked marihuana cigarettes..... REEFERS"
  9. I would tell them everything. I probably need to find one myself...
  10. Yes! tell it to him...  :bongin:
  11. No. It seems they'll find a way to blame your problems on weed. I don't trust therapists.
  12. This is true but not all therapists are like that. One therapist I went to didn't believe me that weed helped with my paranoia and anxiety, and whenever I said I was feeling anxious or paranoid, she would always bring up weed and say that it probably made me anxious and paranoid, it got quite annoying and now I have a therapist that is open minded to that stuff.
  13. I use marijuana as my therapist so can't really help you there. But seriously, i'd rather just smoke weed to adjust my thoughts a bit and get the things off my chest to someone I trust. Why pay up the asshole for essentially what friends/partners are for.
  14. I told mine about all my drug usage.

  15. Therapists aren't actually good people who want to help people. Think about it who would want to listen to people talk about their problems all day. Not saying your problems aren't important they just do it for the money. Plus like others said doctors don't really like weed and will find a way to pit you against it.
  16. I told mine about it. She's been digging around to find out why I use it, which I could argue either direction. Is there medications out there that can help me with anxiety? Yes. Do I really want to take meds like that? Not really. I also use it for other health-related things.
    To answer your question better, yes. You need to tell them. If you hold anything back, you're just paying to talk mindlessly to a stranger. Why waste the money? If you mention it to them and they say something that offends you, find a new one. They're all over.
  17. Yes you should tell your therapist. My therapist wasn't concerned with the fact of my MJ use but more concerned if I was using it as a coping skill (and crutch) for my anxiety/depression.

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