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Should I Tell My Mum? (shes a nurse?? XD)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by johnkasey, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Hey, so ive been smoking for about 4months now, mainly at home and my mum several times has found my ash tray, and thinks i smoke ciggrates, when really im hitting joints in my room,

    shes a 50 year old australia nurse, and i know we dont have medical marijuna over here, but really, what is the chance that she actually thinks im smoking cigarettes? or is she really just that oblivious as to what weed smells like?

    i have rolling papers, a air tight container (empty) and 4 lighters, so there is nothing that really stands out that im smoking weed over cig's, but really.. shes smelt it a dozen times atleast, and i think shes maybe just waiting for me to come out and tell her,

    but as of right now im 18 and still living with her and only work 3days a week, at a grocery store, so i think she might kick me out if she knows im smoking weed because of my current life style.

    So grasscity, what do YOU think i should do : /?

    could a woman that grew up in the 70s / 80s / 90s, really not know what weed smells like?
  2. really? i doubt that any fifty year old person could NOT know what weed smells like. Its such a unique and strong smell. You only have to smell it once to remmeber it when you smell it again 20 years later. .....Comeone seriously .....nobody could spend 50 years on this planet without smelling ive come to these 2 conclusions;

    1. your moms nose is broken.
    2. she giving you the green light (that means go)
  3. thanks for the respons, thats what most of my friends said, but she is a pretty goodie to shoes : / so idk, im not worried about her saying yes / no you cant, i just kinda wana smoke up with her XD, and i wana buy a bong but got no where to hide it, and if she was 'ok' with it then i wouldnt have to worry XD
  4. I don't know man... depends on the nurse. Could go either way mate.

  5. Hey listen man my mom was nurse to when I was around 15 I told her striaght up she took it like a normal person and let me I mean it is your own problem and you are 18 so you have to make your own choices, Point is if you still live with her like it sounds like you do just go ahead and tell her unless you plan to move on then theres no point taking the risk getting your mother sad. Because you wouldn't want your momma sad right? haha.

    Hope I help'd

    toke on!
  6. i would be straight up with her. honesty builds trust. You are in her house so her rules. If she doesnt like then you have go out side. or be kicked out....

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