Should I tell my mom I smoke weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Rip a Gino, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. I've been smoking for the last year or so, and I recently have the huge urge to come out to my mom and tell her. I'm 17, in Grade 12 and it's really annoying to constantly have to worry about rents possibly finding shit, knowing if you're high, etc, and I know 50% of you have the same problem. For some reason I don't think she'd think it was a huge problem, just cause once I came home completely wasted and all she did was laugh at me and grounded me for 2 weeks. But this is a lot different, weed is 100x better than alcohol, so I just don't see her having a big deal with it. But the only thing keeping me from being honest about it is I know she has a nasty side when shit hits the fan. So like I don't want to lay it on her to find myself grounded for months, and constantly have her on my ass as to what I do with my social life.

    Opinions guys? I'm 100% legit about this and I don't need twats telling me to grow up.

    blaze on :bongin:

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  7. Depends on what you think her reaction is/will be. Im sure if you explain it isn't bad she wont mind.
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    I thought about it before I got caught. My parents seem more strict than yours, and when I got caught, they yelled a bit and grounded me from my phone. They might respect you for being honest, but you'll still probably get in trouble either way. But you know your parents, not me.

    Oh and by the way, prepare to be banned:D

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