Should I Take The Glass Out Of Aircooled Good?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Lennon0740, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Should I take the glass out of the aircooled there any benefits to these ...I'm in 32x32x63 tent and was wondering the pros and cons of removing the glass any help would be great full ...400w hps at the moment
  2. Try it and see!..... put a temp gauge in at the top and try that, keep ya temps at about 25c/75f
  3. I've read if you are able to deal with the heat you are better off without the glass.  Even clean it's cutting close to 10% from the output of your bulb, so it makes sense really.   I haven't been having heat issues so I'm considering popping the cover on mine, at least until the next heatwave.
    But I think things are looking good for a 400 HPS grow.   Three more weeks to go for the predicted 8 week finish. 
    IMG_1015s__133.jpg IMG_1020s__133.jpg IMG_1023s__133.jpg

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