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Should I take a break?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TimToke, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Hi guys, I've been smoking almost every day now for the past three weeks(I've taken a 1 day break a few days ago and a 2 day break about a week back). I've smoked weed before that, but only once every other month.

    Do you think my tolerance has gone up at all? I honestly haven't kept track, but have noticed my highs don't last as long, but this could be placebo or because I just fall asleep too quickly(I smoke at night).

    If so, I've grinded all of my old weed yesterday(only about 0.6 g). I'm keeping it in a grinder, which I put in a ziplock. Do you think I can take a long enough break to lower my tolerance but without my weed going bad?
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    This is irrelevant to the post, but here's a picture of some weed I bought yesterday(2 grams). Smells really strong, let me know what you guys think :)

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  3. how much $$$
  4. €20

    which is roughly $24 for you american folks
  5. Well worth what you paided it has that bag appeal for sure. Looks like high quality cannabis. Good purchase.
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  6. Trust me, I can't wait to try one of these buds
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  7. If I were you I'd be seeing that plug again soon and double up the order.
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  8. I find you dont realise how much your t goes up until you take a break. Take a week break

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  9. I think I'm just going to smoke twice a week for a while and if that helps I'll try to smoke just once every week for a few months.

    Thanks for the advice!
  10. Unless you're smoking like all day, I don't think three weeks is enough to make your tolerance go up a whole lot. If I were you, with that plug, I wouldn't take a break from shit. Maybe 6 months from now. Smoke once or twice a day and you'll be good for a while.
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  11. I would hope for this to be the case, I'm pretty skinny and exercise frequently so I might not build a tolerance that easily, but I would still prefer to take a short break just to be safe.
  12. That's great bro, try to avoid wake and bakes they shoot up tolerance like a mf. The rule of t breaks is smoke less get higher, gl

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  13. I think you’re fine man, smoke on! Find a small mason jar and get a 8gram 58% Boveda pack. Will keep your bud fresh.

    Also, My wife and smoke an Oz every 4-5 days, plus edibles, canna caps, and rosin dabs. I haven’t taken a smoke break in a year. Before that break, two years straight smoking, lol.

    Also, weed doesn’t go “bad”. You can cure it for a year + in the correct environment. You could also just leave it out, it will get dry and a little harsh, but still get you plenty high!
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  14. The whole Cannabis tolerance issue is more paranoia than anything else. I've been smoking, vaping and eating weed for almost 3 years with only a few days off now and again the whole time. Presently using about a gram/day mostly eaten. I think I hit my tolerance ceiling about 2 years ago and still end up pretty damn stoned after a late night TV bong session every so often.
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    Nice pic, I was more concerned about the leftover weed in my grinder going bad before my break ends.
    I put my weed in a cleaned oregano jar, worked so far and seems fitting :p

    An oz in 4 or 5 days??? I would consider that quite a tolerance, 2.4 grams lasted me the 3 weeks. Still, before I was able to take just one hit and be totally blazed, whereas in the past week I might've needed 6-7 hits to get just a reasonable high. Could be because I'm using a different pipe and another strain though(amnesia instead of white widow).
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  16. I honestly don't think it is, I have a friend who's been a frequent smoker for over 3 years and the first time I smoked with him(I hadn't smoked for years), I got pretty high from at most a quarter of a joint. Meanwhile he had to smoke through 2 fat joints to feel about as high as me. We have the similar body types and I do think he inhales correctly,

    It can be a hit or miss for me though. Sometimes I smoke a decent amount and get just a little high, whereas sometimes I can smoke next to nothing and get really, really high(from the same batch). I took 3 hits or something somewhere in the middle of those three weeks and it was the strongest high I've ever experienced.

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