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Should I take a break from pot for a bit?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Surrender, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I've been getting bad anxiety attacks while on weed, shaky, increased heart rate, sometimes nausea, etc.

    It happened to me last night where it was so bad that I was walking up and down my buddies street back and forth like 10 times, I just couldn't go inside (they were all hanging out in the basement). I needed to walk around and chill myself out.

    I ended up going home and taking an anti-nausea pill and falling asleep.

    I've been smoking for 3 years, should I give it a rest for a little while until I can control anxiety attacks?
  2. It sounds like a yes to me. Unless you are just working yourself up when you're medicating, I think you should take a short break. A month at most until your anxiety attacks are under control.
  3. Yeah... I wonder if my buddies are gonna be mad I'm taking a break.
  4. have you tried smoking smaller amounts and/or by yourself?
  5. Well yesterday I smoked like 2 bongs, first one was small. Second one was MASSIVE, my friend packed a huge bowl for me, almost to the rim. And this is good shit, no mid.

    And my buddy also had a cigarette after the bong and the smoke was irritating me.
  6. cigs=not good for anxiety. why don't you try smoking by yourself or smoking less?
  7. I'll see how it goes, i'll give my body a break for a bit from the pot.
  8. Shit weed? nausea shouldn't follow...
  9. it usually happens when you try to control the high instead of going with the flow. similar to other phsycedelics

  10. okay. You could try eating healthier/exercising as well. Maybe take up meditation. Those things help A LOT when it comes to anxiety. Honestly if people have anxiety attacks while high that strongly indicates anxiety while sober, it's just more hidden while sober.
  11. If you're worried about it being a problem for yourself, stop.

    At least for a little while - nothing like letting the tolerance sink and the mind rest buddy. ;)
  12. I'm worried because of the things I read on the internet...

    Scaring me :(
  13. ^ stop being a wuss
  14. its not the weed that is causing your anxiety... its yourself, although i'm sure the weed does intensify it, as weed usually does with anything.
  15. If so, theyre not your buddies.

  16. yea that's what i'm saying. Weed will only bring up watever is in your subconscious. We are each responsible for what we hold there

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