Should I Start To Flower?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Evieanna, May 30, 2013.

  1. So my girl will be 7 weeks old this Saturday. I think she's quite short for her age as I accidentally stunted her with heat stress :(
    She's about 13 inches tall and 90% indica.
    Was planning on putting her into flower on her 8 week birthday... Do u guys think this might be too soon? Is she too small to be put into flower? Should I wait longer?
    Any input is greatly appreciated! Would like to know what you guys think. Can anyone predict how much bud I might get?

    A little extra info - she's under 125w cfl (crappy light I know) giving 1/4 of a ml of bio bizz grow every week.

    Thanks guys, peace x
  2. Here's a picture of her

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  3. You should be fine to switch it over to flower, generally most plants will double in size when switching over, so you might want to be ready to add some more lights, it's a little early to be guessing how much you'll yield, but more light during flower = bigger yield. For future reference there's not really any set time that you need to switch it out of veg, because all it's really doing is growing more leaves and getting taller.. but if you're wanting to top/fim the plant, you will want to do that before you transition into flowering. 

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