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Should I Start Smoking Bud again?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nitroguy242, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Hello there grasscity forums! I'm new here so please forgive me if I have posted in the wrong section but I would like as many opinions possible.
    As you can probably tell by the title, I would like some opinions about if I should start smoking weed again. First I'll tell you a bit about myself.
    I'm 18, live in Canada and just finishing up my first semester of my last year of high school. The first time I smoked weed was last year with a good friend of mine, we were curious about it and decided to give it a try (we got some for free from another one of our friends). I was the one driving at the time so I obviously didn't want to get high while driving so it was my friend who got most of the enjoyment at first, it was also the middle of winter so it was hard to just find a place to smoke outside.
    Long story short, we decided to buy some for ourselves (4 grams) after what was given to us ran out and split it. I really only smoked on the odd weekend or at one of my friends houses when their parents were not home. After I ran out (lasted a while), I didn't re-buy for quite a while. It was at least 6 months or so.
    The next chapter of my story starts just recently when school started up, I asked one of my friends who had connections if he could hook me up again and I bought about 6 grams for myself and started doing it a bit more frequently then my first time when my friend and I bought. I only smoked twice a week, usually on Friday and Saturday nights in my room. (I know risky). For the couple months that this went on, I was never caught and my Mom never suspected a thing. 
    I would usually just fill my glass pipe full and smoke the whole thing and just sit in my bed and watch the high come on me, it was quite an amazing experience looking back at it now. I would have my music library on shuffle and play music and it was quite interesting making connections to music, I also loved the random scenarios and thoughts I would think of while high. I would then go on YouTube or something and just watch random videos and laugh my ass off. I just loved it.
    Then one day, about a couple months ago,my dealer and I made a shitty mistake and decided to do a deal in my school parking lot. (I know, stupid)  The assistant principal noticed the strange truck and saw me out with him but thankfully didn't see the transaction. He still called me in and asked if he could search my car, I said I didn't consent to searches. So they called my parents and my mom went through my room and eventually found my stash and accessories. I came clean and admitted to it and promised I would never do it again. 
    So here I am now, about 2 months clean and really miss the feeling of being high. I never really considered it a addiction, just something I did to pass the time. So, should I start smoking again? My mom seems to think that growers use pesticides to increase yield and by smoking it, it is damaging my brain and my ability to retain information. 
    If I were to start again it would be after this semester is over (in about a week) because my next semester I have some pretty easy subjects and won't really have to think much. I'm also self-employed so money isn't an issue, considering if you were in my shoes already been caught once and my education standpoint, what would you guys do?

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    I read it all btw.
    Just don't keep anything in your car. If I were you I would buy a few grams, a nice small pipe and a few lighters. I would find a nice stash spot in your room or even outside where it cannot get wet. I say you're in the clear with your mom as long as you don't do it in your room and only do it with friends. If you have a dog you can smoke while you walk him, or simply take a walk or whatever you gotta do to smoke. Your 18, so your mom should understand it's not that big of a deal. Don't drive high and don't smoke in your room if you want to be 100% clear of trouble. Also, I recommend not bringing any weed or tools to school; even in your pocket.
    Edit: Don't make any sketchy transactions with a dealer. Try to be discreet and away from stores and schools, especially yours. If you can get your dealer to meet you on foot and do it at a park or even their house then that's much better.
    Best of luck man.
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    I like where you said you read it all. I didn't. I didn't even read all of your's haha 

    Definitely don't meet a dealer anywhere sketchy OP, unless you know the guy well. 
  4. youre fine to start toking man, but be more responsible next time. keeping your stash in your car is stupid, for a variety of reasons. 
  5. Alot of people don't read it all so that's why i said it lol
    Yes I have a dog, who I have been taking for more walks recently. That seems like a good idea but how would I sneak my stuff out before I go out? Also where would be a good spot to smoke in the typical neighborhood?
    I wouldn't keep my main stash in my car, I would just put what I bought from my dealer in my trunk until I got home, then I would put it in my room.
  7. Well although I can smoke as I please, I like to walk my dog as I toke a joint in the dogpark on my street. Have any nearby parks? Dogparks? Elementary schools(at night).
    Even in your sideyard if it's not sketchy. At night i think you would be safe toking a joint as you walk the dog, I do it from time to time but I keep a cig just incase the cops come by, which never has happened.
  8. Smoke weed. No questions asked!

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  9. No, if you are not independant enough to make the decision for yourself then smoking probably isnt the best idea.
  10. I've been in that situation, and I didn't end up being sober 1 day of my senior year. Senior year is the time to enjoy life man, while you're still being supported by your parents and you can spend your paychecks on fat bags of bud. Have a good time, be careful though don't smoke on school grounds and leave all paraphernalia in your trunk after you're done smoking. If you don't smoke cigarettes, you may want to smoke one or two after you blaze before going into school to cover up the smell. 
  11. I'm in college and smoke everyday but that's because i have break. I'm planning to smoke a lot less since school is starting. It just depends because weed do make you lazy.. seriously. So maybe limit yourself to smoking 2-3 time per week. If you smoke in your room blow it out the window and lock your door. You have to take extra precaution such as bringing and extra sweater to change when smoking some other places. 
  12. Yes. I didn't even read why you're not but yes, you should.
  13. Why the fuck would you stop in the fire place?
  14. Just smoke a joint while walking. And most spoon type pipes are only about 4 inches long so it can fit in your pocket.
  15. If you think you can spark it up again without getting caught, then go for it.

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