Should I start smokeing?

Discussion in 'General' started by EvilFlippy, May 28, 2006.

  1. I currently dont smoke weed, but I have been thinking about starting because I heard that it calms your nerves, and I have a nerve problem im always anxious. I heard that it can hurt your thinking, and personally I think that I think too much. I also heard that it makes you parinoid , and im already parinoid. I am too scared of geting lung cancer even though its unlikely , so I was thinking about buying a little cheap vaparizor or something.
  2. Honestly, if you have to ask someone else if you should smoke, then no, you shouldn't smoke.
  3. That's true in a sense.

    It's ultimatly your decesion. Now, if you're asking if the pro's outweigh the con's... then hell yes, they do.

    Marijuana does not cause cancer like tobacco. Marijuana does not kill brain cells like alcohol. Marijuana is not addicting.

    Sure, you could be paranoid... but that's only a small portion of what smoking might do for you.
  4. Ok, first off, I think its safe to say the first time you smoke weed you wont exactly get "calmed". Itll be more wierd, and intense, but if you find you like it, and you continue, then you discover its calming and relaxing effects.
    It only hurts your thinking while your on it, and for about a day after, if you dont smoke more, and by hurting your thinking I mean you're more lazy and have a worse short term memory.
    If you are paranoid, and prone to panic attacts, you should rethink considering taking a drug, it wont automatically solve your anxiety, and could, in the worst case, induce a panic attack.
    Frankly, you will probably never get lung cancer if you stay away from cigarettes, and its not worth wasting your money on a cheap vaporizer, its only worth it if you spend 120$ or more on something that actually works well.

    You sound to me like you're trying to escape your anxiety and maybe problems ("I think too much") by smoking weed. I dont beleive these are the best motivations for wanting to do a drug, but the choice remains yours.
    My advice is to find a friend who already does it, and ask him to initiate you. Hopefully your friend will be well minded.
  5. Yea most of my friends smoke weed, and yea I think that it can cause lung cancer but it is highly unlikely that you will.
  6. look, the reason it CAN cause lung cancer is because of the smoke you inhale. but its nothing like cigs, because the average smoker smokes quite a few cigs in a day, where as a weed smoker doesent smoke more than 2-3 times or a lil bit more if hes really hardcore about it.i smoked weed at first to help me get away from my family problems, but i fell in love with mary j and she aint never done me wrong yet lol. try smoking once, if you dont like just dont smoke, if you like it, hey at least its better than many other habits. its not addicting, you can just like it too much. studies have revealed that you have to be pumped 20x more THC than you would normally consume in a day to have withdrawals if you stopped cold turkey.

  7. Ok, ill take time to elaborate on this.

    Check it, first of all, tar, from cigarettes and weed, is not the main carcinogenic chemical in smoke. Cigarette tobacco is cultivated with fertilizers that are high in radon, and other slightly radioactive chemicals. Studies have shown that these chemicals, after ferilization are present in the tobacco leaves. When you smoke cigarettes, these radioactive chemicals stick to "radioactive hotspots" that are sort of like sores in your lungs, which then progress to become a tumour. This is the main cause of cancer from cigarettes, but I didnt even include all of the chemicals they ADD to cigarettes that make them so much worse. Weed is natural, its grown without fertilizer in most cases, and nothing is added to it.

    The only carcinogenic thing in weed smoke is tar, but this is helped by weeds bronchiodilatory effects. When you compare tobacco smoke and weed smoke in lungs, nicotine (the ingredient in tobacco) actually makes the lungs, and the blood vessels inside them contract, and get smaller. This is why cigarette smokes have much shorter breath and stamina. THC, the main ingredient in cannabis, has the exact opposite effect, it opens up the lungs, dilates the arteries that service them, and allow more airflow in the lungs. This greatly helps, along with coughing, evacuate the tar that builds up from smoking, when tobacco does the opposite and "traps" the tar in your lungs.

    This is why I beleive cigarretes are the sole cause of lung cancer, and that weed wont give you lung cancer.
  8. Marijuana won't solve anxiety or paranoia for you. In fact, if you try and fight its effects, it can even make them worse (temporarily). All it does really is put you into a new mindstate. How you fill that space is up to you. If you chose to let your fears take hold of you than it'll be an unpleasant experience but if you really let go and surrender yourself to its effects it can be a very useful tool for overcoming anxiety.

    If, after smoking, you feel your heart tighten with fear, the most important thing to do is not to fight it. Think of your consciousness as a great big ocean and your fear as a small storm acting up in the middle of it. Let the storm be, contemplate it, but remember that your soul is wide and spacious and can't truely be harmed by the thoughts and emotions that swirl within it.

  9. Whoa thats like, everything I was trying to say, but it makes so much more sense. Awesome, +rep.
  10. You are Jesus Christ on acid. Very well put, once again.
  11. I don't think you should have no preconceptions and smoke to experience.

    Then decide.

    Experimenting is the first stage to any drug use. Research the drug to extensives lengths. Effects, Dosage, Production/Growing, etc. There are plenty of great websites and resources with reliable information.

    If you know a user or somebody with experience, then that is a bonus, you can learn alot from these people. (ie. - us)

    Then experiment with the drug.

    Only then should you decide to continue using it, recreational, medically, spritually, etc.

    It's healthy, responsible drug use which i strive for.
  12. Well id have to say u shouldnt be asking if u should start smoking weed. What u should be asking urself and us here is if u should try it and my answer to that is of coarse. I personaly think that everyone needs to try it at least once in there life and after u try it u will eather like it or not and then ull know whether or not to start smoking because if u try it and like it u WILL start and if not u probably wont its not really ur decision. But go ahead grab a bowl or some papers maybe even a blunt wrap and chief with an expiereinced friend for the first time Good Luck and Have Fun.
  13. So yeah i was trying to explain to a friend of mine that was having trouble relaxing while smoking that he needed to just calm down and let the feeling just surround him basicly and hhe didnt understand what i was trying to tell him but i think ill have to have him read ur post cause it makes alot more sense than what i was trying to explain to him. In other words well put AndyPL

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