Should I start making oil?

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  1. So I was in Cali for two weeks visiting a friend recently and DAMN I fell in love with dem concentrates. I have no rig or bong at home right now so I was debating on whether or not to get one. I will also have to buy a torch, apparently torch lighters aren't even allowed to be in checked bags... so I had to leave the nice one I bought in Cali.  :(
    \nAnyway, the big question is: should I start making oil myself or buy 50-60 dollar grams of honey oil, crumble, shatter, etc from sketchy dealers. I'm currently getting 250-270 dollar DANK ounces from someone, so would it be worth it to try and make my own oil off that? It's incredibly sticky bud... almost too sticky, and has crystals ALL over, on the stems and even the leaves that didn't get trimmed... good bud for making oil or no? or should I just stick to buying the oil? or just don't bother with it at all and stick to bud?
    \nI know the process of making good oil is almost like an art and takes skill and practice to master but I'm pretty confident with my internet-tutorial reading abilities. One thing I haven't put too much thought into is the cost of the materials needed to make good oil, is it pretty costly? I'm someone who likes to go for the best, and the oil that I've tried here (midwest) is actually pretty superb, even better than the stuff I was getting from dispensaries in Cali. I just don't like dealing with sketchy dealers that I do not know too well. 
    \nRe-posting this here, can't figure out how to delete the one I made on the Q&A forum haha, and it's not getting much attention so I thought I'd post this here.

  2. BHO Discussion thread is your friend.
    and if you're paying that much for ounces, then the oil in your area is probably expensive and most likley not even that great. Learn all you can about it before doing it, no joke. I was doing alcohol extractions and reading up on BHO for like a year before ever doing it.
    just do your homework, and lots of it :smoke:
  3. making your own concentrates is very rewarding but has its fallbacks. 
    i put 7gs of buds in to make oil and i come out with around 1.4g of hash
    gets me super ripped in a way not possible with normal buds, but i end up smoking .5 a day or more so its gone quick and i feel like i wasted a few bucks.
    so if you want to get super high, make oil.
    if you want to have quantity over quality, keep your buds.
    if you have shake, trim, or middies then make that shit into oil cause thats where oil is really worth it.
    All this is coming from a poor man, my advice is best kept around economists. 
  4. eh I've always been quality over quantity. Blasting shitty nugs makes oil that doesnt even taste good, flavor is the biggest plus to dabbing so why dab something that doesnt taste good?

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