Should I smoke with this person?

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  1. Okay so one of my buddies always hits me up to blaze with him. And he always asks me to throwdown. Always haha. Well anyways we usually throw down equally. But he always saves just enough weed for 2 bowls and stashes it! He probably thinks I don't notice, but I definitely do haha...

    Would you toke with this type of person?
  2. No, I knew a person like that. Just don't smoke with him.
  3. I wouldent. Usually those types of people dont change and your going to be smoking them up way more then they will you.
  4. call him out on that shit
  5. The other day I told this man I'm broke and he hits me up the next day and is like

    "you wanna blaze bro?"
    "nah man I'm broke"
    "you don't even have $10?"
    "no dude. Once again I'm broke"

    I feel like he's fucking stupid sometimes haha.
  6. he saves 2 bowls of his own weed or of yours?
  7. Hell no. Not only is he thieving your weed, he doesn't smoke you up when you are broke? He is no friend, he is a douche. My smoking circles always let friends toke for free when necessary, and if I asked one of them if they wanted to smoke and they said they were too broke I would definitely smoke them up.
  8. I would assume his own. And he seems like a twat. I wouldn't bother hanging with him. When it comes to green, you should return the favor without even thinking about it.
  9. Tell him you think that's gay or ask to take a bowl with you too, if he's a dick about it then don't sesh with him, but maybe he just doesn't realize he's doing it
  10. You're mad because he doesn't smoke all his bud with you?
  11. I don't get it. You're saying you both throw down equally but he takes 2 bowls out of it to save for himself? Why don't you just do the same thing?
  12. Check it out mother fuckers. Say we buy a G? Ok? I throw $10 he throws $10. We smoke. And then instead of smoking what's left with me he usually saves it. He leaves it on his binder, and stuffs it under his desk so I don't notice. Ya digg?!
  13. Stoner rule! If you smoke out a friend, they're obligated to do the same. Normally for in times of need
  14. yeah but stash some for you too i mean fuck dude you both pitched in equaly right??
  15. Define "buddy" because if he's just some guy that you smoke with, but don't really have a relationship other than buying some weed and toking, then I wouldn't probably chill with him. If he's a good friend, I'd just flip him shit until he figures it out. But I still don't see what the problem is if he wants to save some of his weed, I mean you both did throw down equally.

  16. I think I'm just going to avoid smoking with him.
  17. Usually when I smoke with someone we put in an equal amount and I usually make sure I have enough left to smoke at another time. If it's his stuff and he's putting in the same amount as you are then I don't see the problem.
    If he's either taking your weed or not contributing as much then that's a pretty lame thing to do.
    It really depends on whether or not you enjoy his company, OP.
  18. "excuse me , could you lube it up before you stick it in please"

  19. Say whaaaat?!
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    I think I've figured out the situation--correct me if I'm wrong, OP.

    OP and his buddy throw down equal amounts of cash in order to buy a gram. OP pays for half, his buddy pays for half. The intention, it seems, is to smoke the whole gram together,since they both paid for the bag. However, his buddy snatches two bowls' worth of weed and takes it for himself, to smoke without OP.

    So, if I'm understanding this correctly, OP's "buddy" is a thieving asshole.

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