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Should I Smoke When Theres No One Home?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bamboobam, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. I am currently a college student and I'm going to be finished next Spring. In a week and a half my boyfriend's parents are going to be gone for a week. I recently quit my part-time job since I had an internship and 4 summer classes going on which are fast paced and I was overwhelmed. I currently don't have a part-time job and I am trying to find something that's 10-15 hours to accommodate with my heavily packed schedule for the fall. I know when his parents leave I want to have a good time, smoke, and have wild sex everyday (after I do school work and such)! Whoo! Anyway, I know that this won't happen again for a very long time. Should I go for it and wait a bit to find a job after a few weeks?

  2. smoke and enjoy life, get high and have wild sex,  while you are at it drink a beer or two.  You'll regret not doing it  I think people should smoke, drink, and fuck as much as possible...yeeehawww mofo... :laughing:
  3. Are you female?
  4. If you are really in need of a job, then dont smoke. If you dont mind waiting a little longer to get a job, then go ahead and have some fun. Either way you won't go wrong
  5. Yes, I am.
  6. Then yeah take time off get high. Get some oil and a nail and get blasted!
  7. It sounds like you're busy enough with school that you don't need a job interfering with your studies. Smoke away :smoke:
  8. That's what I'm trying to do as long as I live. 

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