Should I Smoke Weed With My Alcoholic Cousin?

Discussion in 'General' started by Daniel Plainview, May 20, 2013.

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    First of all let me say that here, in my country, it's pretty normal for people to live with their parents until they get married (yikes, I know.)
    Anyway, I'm 23 years old and I have a 25 years old alcoholic cousin. The thing with him is, he always get fucked up drunk if his parents aren't around or when there's no one supervising him. It's really really dangerous for him when that happens, he gets drunk, stays drunk for days, and starts wandering across the city (a city with over 3 million people)
    Now, his parents are going to travel to Asia, and he'll be staying with me, and I'm really worried about it. His parents are always checking on him; what if he fucks up, gets drunk and gets lost in the city? His parents would feel awful and then they would probably come back from their trip. -- They're trying to give him a chance of proving that he can stay alone and not drink, but still, every time they gave him a chance like that in the past, he always fucked up-- it's been like this for over 6 years.
    So I'm between some kind of moral dilemma. I know he used to toke and that he is marijuana friendly, but I'm afraid that it would be a dick move from me to offer him to smoke weed with him during his parents leave. I know that smoking with him would reduce the risks of him getting drunk and worrying his parents, but at the same time, it seems like I'm not even giving him the chance of proving that he can stay sober for a couple of weeks.
    What would you guys do? Should I buy weed and smoke with him during his parents trip or not? 

  2. It's definitely worth trying. If he can't stay sober, then smoking over drinking would be so much better. Just don't get him too high to the point where it makes him uncomfortable. Try to let mj steal his heart.
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    Weed never killed anyone, alcohol does frequently.
    I say go for it, in his, yours and his parents best interests.
    My wife is an alcoholic, I generally keep weed supplies high because she can't drink as much when she smokes and stops her from turning into the loud angry and irrational drunk that staggers slurs and falls over at people houses or on the town causing myself quite some embarrassment and stress
    +1 weed . Alcohol 0.
  4. If your cousin truly has a alcohol problem getting him high won't fix anything. It will just make him high and drunk. You need to talk to him about his drinking and try getting him some help. Do you have AA where you live?
  5. get drunk with him and go on an adventure
    He went to AA many times and he wants to get better, I know weed won't cure his alcoholism, but I was thinking that it could help keeping him tranquil at home and reduce his alcohol craving at least for these couple of weeks. 
  7. Yea it probably will slow him down a bit, I just didn't want you to Think it would be a substitute. I wish you and him the best of luck whatever the outcome. Alcoholism runs deep in my family, it's a hard thing to deal with at times.
  8. I was a stoner long before I became an alcoholic. But I think since he has no weed tolerance he'll get sky high, and possibly not drink as much. From experience as an alcoholic, someone who used to drink everyday didnt care if his parents were around, id go all out and get fucked up and yeah try pot. and it wouldn't stop me from riding that month out. But since your primo has no experience with weed he might react differently and realize it's a little better drug for going out and wondering in the city lol.
    on second thought, had i become an alcoholic prior to being a stoner i would have put the sauce down to smoke lol. especially for the first few months of getting stoned when you get blownn
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    You should not smoke with him.
    You don't just "go to AA many times" because it's not just meetings.  If he is just going to meetings then no wonder it isn't working.  It's a program and even a way of life.  A major part of that program involves NOT substituting other drugs in place of alcohol.
    If you smoke with him you are hurting him, not helping.  He needs to figure out how to live sober first.
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    Fuck, I was giving him a chance, didn't smoke with him or anything, but alas, it's his first day here and I already found a hidden bottle of booze.  I'm so annoyed by this, he's just waiting for his chance to get pissed out drunk and that will ruin his parents trip. Fucketty fuck, I'm gonna have to go with the Plan ganja.

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