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Should I smoke weed again?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by zenexo, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. So I've been on a hiatus since new years. Being clean over a month is the longest I have been in years and it does feel good. I wanted to take a break for a year and see how far I could get in life with out it making me lazy or saving the extra cash. And some other reasons I won't bore you with.

    For the first month I had little to no urges. I was adamant on that. But into my second month the urges have been building. Like I just wanna smoke this one time with one of my buds and catch a movie sooo bad. Then go back to a break. Or perhaps do a once a month smoke type of thing. But I fear of getting into some type of habit again and I don't want this to be a habit. I wanna be one of those "every now and then" smokers.

    Anyone been in a situation like this? Should I smoke again tonight and try to control the habit? or wait til the urge subsides and try to make a year clean and then analyze from there?
  2. You know if it's really fucking your personal life up then quit it. If you think you can control it and try to limit it. It's all up to you.

    if you want to keep enjiying it then learn to control your self. Cmon snake.
  3. If it isn't messing with your life smoke on the weekends or at night. If you can't control it then don't. It's hard for me if I got weed sitting around to not touch it for days so I'd have to buy a gram and kill it that weekend

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  4. The answer is always yes.
  5. moderation now...retire in a garden later..  keep that focus. :bongin:
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    Well, you're on a forum full of people who love MJ so the view's gonna be a little slanted towards smoking it. But I'll at least give you a few things to think about.
    1. Did you smoke or vape before? If you try vaping you'd start getting more of a head high instead of a body high. My point with that is a head high won't make you lazy- it actually helps me get up and get shit done. Plus vaping is super safe, good for you even since you get the good side effects without the smoke related health problems.
    2. You said you'd like it to be for special occasions, so maybe make some edibles instead. They can get you high for hours and are definitely a save for a rainy day sort of high.
    3. If you do decide to vape, you can use the vaped weed for edibles too, and kind of get a double wammy of what you're looking for. Edibles for when you want a good long heavy high every once in a while and vaping for normal days when you don't want to get couch locked and lazy.
  7. I quit for 3 years. Bought some bud as a 'just one time thing' which turned into every night for 2 weeks. Took another month break and realised that it should be a want, not a need, and it should be an indulgence not a habit.

    I now smoke 2-3 times a week max, occasionally going 2-3 weeks without smoking if the urge / occasion doesn't arise.

    It's all about moderation my friend.

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  8. Just smoke ... Don't you want to be cool ?
  9. Going through this dilemma myself, only after 4 days though. That's coming from every day smoking. I feel good, but I also want to smoke every now and then. When I smoke too often my high becomes groggy. I'm leaning towards having a sesh just to see how it makes me feel. If I get the same high as I've been getting lately I'll know that weed isn't for me anymore. But if it feels good again I'll know I can moderate it. I'm worried about falling back into habits too.
    For your situation, i'd say give it more time. I mean, four days isn't nearly enough time to change your tolerance significantly, so you'll probably just end up back in to the routine of every day smoking. 
    For the OP, I semi-know how you feel. I've been smoke free for about three weeks now, and I've only just started to get some urges to smoke again. I know I'll be smoking again in around ten days (my friends are all off for reading week so we'll definitely smoke), but after that I think I'll only be an occasional smoker. I don't really want to get back in to the habit of smoking every day, for various reasons. Honestly, if I were you I'd give it a try. It's been a month, just smoke once and see how it makes you feel. One smoke doesn't immediately = a smoking habit. Just learn to smoke in moderation, as other have said. 
    I hope things work out for you man! 
  11. I'm actually in a pretty similar situation. I use to smoke every single day. Not a cheap habit. I need to do some repairs to my car so I decided to only smoke once a week until I save enough to get the parts for my car, and a few other luxuries I've been wanting for a while. If saving money and being lazy is your main concern, I honestly don't think smoking every once in a while is a bad thing. However I just started this new routine this week, so we will see. Lol
  12. If I were you op, for my first option I would smoke only on weekends. If that works for you to help you get back on track then you can stick with that. Just buy a gram for each weekend and kill it so you don't have any bad urges to smoke because you have bud.
    If that doesn't help get your life on track I would just smoke once in a while with a friend and if he wants some payment back for smoking his stuff just buy food for him once in a while that should help a lot but you can't buy bud for this method to work or you'll just go back to your old habits and ways. 
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    Hey guys. So I did smoke that night with a friend and I got super smacked. I even had a little clip left over for the next day, smoked it and I swear it felt like I smoked an entire joint. Haven't got so high off so little in ages. It felt friggen great. Not gonna lie I was jonezing for that night after that clip but I was tight on cash so I let the feeling go. I haven't smoked since sunday. Haven't had that much of lasting an urge since.
    I do want to smoke again but perhaps a month from now. I'd really like to only smoke once every month or so cause I get soooo high off so little and it's great in moderation for just a fun night. I feel like every time I take a break I get better and better at controlling the habit.
    But good responses from many of you. Glad I'm not the only one in this situation.
  14. I quit, lasted 5 days. Said it was going to be a weekend thing, that lasted all of 1 day. Said it would be an after 12 at night thing, that lasted two days. Then started smoking earlier and earlier. Realized I fucked up. Now on day 12 of not smoking. Again.
  15. I quit, lasted 5 days. Said it was going to be a weekend thing, that lasted all of 1 day. Said it would be an after 12 at night thing, that lasted two days. Then started smoking earlier and earlier. Realized I fucked up. Now on day 12 of not smoking. Again.
  16. Every time I try to take a break I can 't get past 1 day :)
  17. Yeah that's always the hardest, I tried stopping a few times a month ago before my 5 day thing and I could never make it past like 12 or 2 pm, which still felt like an accomplishment haha. I really just wana smoke..... Day 13....been drinking waaay more to compensate, I know its not the best alternative, but hey at least I can pass a drug test now to get a new job.
  18. Yea man I feel you. I had to cut cold turkey back in April last year two weeks before 420 due to a job opportunity and the first week was tough but afterwards I sort of mellowed out and was able to handle it (and this was a couple weeks before final exams, my usual frequent-smoker miles :p)
    I am a bit lazy sometimes but weed makes amplifies that trait x10 when I smoke everyday. That is why I went on a break to fix it. I never claimed it makes everyone lazy I claimed it makes me lazy. Weed affects everyone differently is positive and negative ways. You must be a very nice and well liked guy.

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