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Should I Smoke Up My Friends?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Yawnkers, May 23, 2013.

  1. hey guys , next friday im going mountain biking with a couple of friends ( around 5 including me ). Maybe 2 of my friends will probably smoke up. My other friends think its bad and they wont ever try it
    ( i respect their opinion). The problem is, i would be blazing out of my glass spoon ( pipe ) and i was thinking, would i still be able to bike with no problem? 

  2. Well how much weed do you have and is the glass thick? If it is just put it in your backpack
  3. Are you worried about the spoon breaking or getting too high to bike?
    Wrap the pipe in a sweater, and you shouldn't have a problem biking - I do it all the time :)
  4. The glass isnt thick , but i payed 10 $$ for it so i dont mind. Ill probably bring a nug thats it.
  5. Thanks, i was just sketched that i wouldnt be able to bike... I dont think a spoon would get me too baked anyways.
  6. Well if you know for sure a few of your friends don't like it, and possibly are against it, I'd suggest not smoking for one day to avoid any possibly negativity on the trip. Sounds like this is about enjoying mother nature.
    Now, if you still do, the question is- can you bike? Ask yourself this, when you spoke in the past, do you ever do exercises/activities? If after you smoke you usually just sit back and chill, your body will probably be used to that. 
  7. So fucking confused. Are you afraid you can't bike because you'll be too high?
  8. Biking high sounds like fun. Unless weed makes you lose all inhibitions for whatever reason. But I feel that has more to do with the person/mindet of the person, not the drug.
  9. i would only do a little. whenever i smoke and excercise, i find myself pushing myself to the max and really getting a good workout in.
  10. Put on some training wheel just in case man.
    But seriously, unless your learned how to bike yesterday I do not think you will have a problem.
    I remember riding a motorcycle for the first time high, that would be an appropriate question to ask.
    But a bike dude...are your 6 years old?

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