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Should i smoke these bags that i should be saving for my friends?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TazzLAzz, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. I have three grams left. So its only like 30 dollars. But i know my friends will probably need some stuff this weekend/monday. But i had a rough thanksgiving. And i have this impossible homework for AP Eng.

    I am still 150 short of my reup goal. So its not like this 30 dollars would set me much further back.
  2. Why are you asking us? If you want to do it, you're probably going to do it regardless of what any on here says.
  3. Nah i'll heed your advice. Whatever that may be. Wanna finish up all this homework before i blaze anyway.
  4. Well then, the obviously smart thing to do is save it. It isn't much $120 is easier to get then $150. And I mean, those are you boys. Personally, I would probably take 1 gram and save the other 2.
  5. Never smoke what you want to deal.

    When I sold to friends way back when I would never smoke what I was selling, maybe like a one hit with them to prove quality but nothing more. I usually bought weed for sale and weed for my own enjoyment.

    Save it for your bros. Or give them a call today and tell them you only have a little.
  6. 180 is way different then 150.espec to a dealer.

    i would smoke it if your just trying to complete your reup goal but if u did promise your friends u should give it to em, hold your promise.

    or do what someone else said... smoke a gram save the rest.
  7. Pinch a little off each one until you have a bowl then smoke it. Everyone wins

  8. What the fuck is this? Nah man i don't play that shit. If someone wants a gram thats exactly what they get. I weight out each nug. Pinching is fucked up man. If i'm gonna smoke i'll just pay myself the 10 and pull a nug. Not gonna pinch from them all because then i won't be able to sell any. Its about reputation man.
  9. Sorry bro ,I misread I thought you meant you was debating on whether or not to smoke your friends weed.

    Now I know your exact situation ,see if any of your friends will smoke with you because your having a hard time , then you match them back

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