should i smoke or ont? please help me please....

Discussion in 'General' started by GoTPuRp?, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. i havt a drug test tomorow and im thinking about smoking right after it and keep on smokin cuz i havent smoked in like 5 moths... i get random drugtests like 1 every 3 months.... should i do it or not??? if i get caught i go to jail... cuz its probation... if i dont then im a happy camper lol... i heard AZO standard works is this true?
  2. If your gonna go to jail i would just put the weed out of sight and try my best not to think about it till tomorrow. or you could just get drunk instead :)
  3. Yeah, probably not worth it man. Wait until this is all behind you and then do it, It will be 10x more rewarding. Like modern-hippy said, get drunk or something.
  4. if your only other option is going to jail, then i think you answered your own question.
  5. i might not go to jail ill prolly go on ankle monitor but i prolly wont even get caught...

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