Should i smoke him up? Need some real advice.

Discussion in 'General' started by Melikes, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Over a year ago my brother was sent by my parents to a private school in Utah after they found out his situation. He was addicted to all the pain prescriptions and shit, he would roll like every night and of course smoke bud.

    Now hes going home to my parents house this week and i was thinking maybe he would want to smoke, and we could reconnect, but do you think introducing him to bud would provoke his feelings toward other drugs or just being home and cause him to drop out of the school when he turns 18 next month?

    As an older sibling I couldnt see him drop out after 1 and 1/2 years of him working so hard out there, and hes so healthy now. But would smoking one time do this? I need some advice guys what would you do.
  2. Do not smoke him up. It's a bad idea waiting to happen.
  3. Yeah i think your probably correct. Why take the chance actually.
  4. Cross the bridge when you get to it!

    He may be totally against drugs now.

    He may be scheming to get more pills. Cannabis might divert him, or make things worse!

    He may have actually gotten his head together, and is now ready to use just cannabis!

    You will have to see your brother, to make the proper decision!

    My advice, "Go slow and don't rush it! Take more than 10 minutes to make up your mind."

  5. I wouldn't, especially since its only been a little over a year. Maybe 5 yrs later, but even then, he might associate pres. pills with bud, so you never know.

    better safe than sorry.
  6. I wouldn't smoke him up as he has already shown he cannot handle drugs
  7. Granny speaks the truth.

  8. I'd like to see you handle an opiate and or pill addiction... been there, done that, it's not easy bud.

    But on the other hand, if you can't handle marijuana alone, than you should just avoid it all together.

    I would smoke him out, it's one time, whats the harm?
    I mean if he put in all that work there I doubt he would give it all up because of smoking once.

    It's weed people... not crack.
  9. He smoked for 4 years before ever trying anything else. He started so young its crazy. But i think if he couldnt handle it he maybe would have had some other problems earlier on. Your right storm crow i do need to take my time with this.
  10. You're willing to risk him getting hooked up on anything again? No don't toke up with him.

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