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Should I smoke at my girlfriends house? Or before I get there?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by soserious, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. So Im going to my girls house to chillax. This is supposed to be our fuck time cuz her parents are out. But my throats swollen and I'm not in the mood to cuddle and be nice and shit.

    Anyway my boy hookEd me up with a bowl since I'm sick.

    But I'm a pretty heavy smoker. Haven't smoked in like a week but I think if I smoke before I get to her house I wont be high by time I get there.

    But if I go in smelling like I just smoked she's gonna get mad. She's gonna be annoying about it either way though. So should I just smoke at her house? Don't wanna waste my high on bus rides.
  2. No.. bring a small can of cologne or axe or something with you.. when you get to her house, go to the nearest bathroom with a window... take like 3-4 hits, enough to buzz you out, spray yourself down with the axe and walk out fresh as can be.. if her bathrooms dont have windows, then when you get off the bus.. find a place to be alone and take a few hit under your shirt then spray yourself down well.
  3. yeah if its only a bowl and your tolerance is semi-high, i'd try to smoke it at her house. if you dont want her to know, hit up the bathroom with an open window, take smaller hits and all.

    also, if you have ozium, use that. it's the most effective. and perhaps some cologne / body spray for yourself so you dont smell like smoke when ur with ur girl

    p.s. towel under the door too could help
  4. Well I'm not gonna smoke in her house. Her dad smokes but not inside so he will smell it. Probably gonna smoke in her back yard.
  5. Wait these kids shouldn't smoke in their parents house but its cool to fishbowl his girls parents crib?

    lmao, I would smoke before, during, and after. But if you have a bowl you are screwed regardless, just get some liquor and smash it up.

  6. What? I smoke in my house on the daily. And Idk what "fishbowling" is but yea I wouldn't smoke inside her house.
  7. GC always gives people shit for smoking inside their parents house, just odd they are like "Yea blow it down her moms bathroom, shit and don't flush!" naw lol but just go already.
  8. or go hangout with your girl sober and get higher by smoking it once you get home:cool:
  9. Make a portable sploof.. cardboard toilet paper roll put dryer sheets on the inside and the back side.. blow in one end, and the sweet smell of lavender comes out.
  10. If you need hide being high with your girl, don't be high when you're with your girl. It's not worth the trouble, trust me! Save it for after, hell, even offer to smoke her up when you're leaving/when you're chillin if you really can't wait.
  11. why don't you just fuck her sober then go home and smoke it off?

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