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Should I smoke and risk maybe getting caught?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Userguy, Feb 27, 2012.

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    I went out for a smoke today to test out my pipe but when I went back in I didn't clean the bowl, which made it smell and my mom noticed it. I have also almost gotten caught twice before (just a weed ago both events happened) I came back with a friend (yesterday) and I was high but my eyes were normal, yet my sound was dry and my dad thought something is wrong, luckily they didn't smell a thing even after 4 jays. And the final time I almost got caught when a friend came by over to drop by weed, and it was very wet and it stank up the whole room cause I had it in my room on my desk for an hour and I hid it just before my mom came from work and she smelled but I managed to convince her its not weed. Last week I smoked a joint every night while I had weed, and she didn't smell a thing. When my dad went to sleep during the night I sneaked outside and smoked a jay and went immediately back in, and she didn't smell anything. I wanna ask you is it worth the risk of trying to smoke a joint and could they maybe smell me if I did?
  2. haha, well no its not worth the risk and you know you should probably wait until a more convenient time.. but good luck resisting.

    I;ve been smoking weed for a few years now and still do some risky things to get high at night, its all mind over matter. up to you dude
  3. Sure, they're going to find out eventually so don't worry about it.
  4. find better/more smell-proof ways to hide your bud/paraphernalia. i would suggest maybe double bagging your bud or keeping in a glass jar/pill bottle... or maybe even bagging anddddd putting it in a glass jar/pill bottle. and for the pipe, i would suggest wrapping it in a tube sock when its not in use, doesn't totally prevent the smell from escaping but does help a little. and if you're worried about smell, joints are one of the worst things to be smoking, as it constantly produces a smell because it is constantly burning. learn to go about smoking in a more stealthy way, you said you have a pipe, so i would suggest only using that and covering the bowl head after you take a hit to stop more smoke from coming out of it, really helps reduce the smell. and bring some hand sanitizor with you if you smoke outside, to clean your hands which have a lot of smell clinging to them, especially when holding a joint...
  5. For living with parents and solo smoking, i recommend chillums. Just as easy as a joint, and a lot less stinky. Even better would be a one-hitter. I've never owned one, but people say that they help conserve a lot of bud. No smell produced because of escaping smoke either. Just gotta worry about what you blow out, and your breath afterwords.
  6. Toke it up :bongin:
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    a more commonly known name for a chillum is a one hitter. and theyre literally like 4$. chillums just tend to be glass, and a bit larger, theyre very similar, yet not the same. one hitters are usually made to look like cigarettes and are made out of metal. also since you only take one hit from the thing no smoke comes off the tip, like a joint would, and thus minimal smell.

    seriously though joints smell soo bad. your parents can smell you everytime you smoke a joint, unless you have been outside for like two hours. Always. its literally the smoke that lingers from the tip of the joint that gets you everytime. if i were you i would consider buying a mflb. i believe you can get them for 90$. its a vaporizer and it leaves no smell. not to mention you get way more thc from your bud as compared to chillums or joints

    think of a mflb as an investment. if you spend 90$ your bags of weed should last you like 20-30% longer because you loose less THC when you burn, and in the end you save more monies

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