Should i see a doc???

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  1. I've noticed recently that the top of my feet on the side with the small toe feel kind of numb, more numb in my right foot then my left foot. I also no I hurt my lower back a few weeks(from bending over to quick or something) ago and back pain has come and gone since then. I'm afraid I may have hurt a nerve, but not 100% sure. The numbness isn't completely numb I can still feel pain, it just feels like it's slightly numb, enough to notice almost like it fell asleep just not as strong. :confused: What do you guys think?
  2. If ur asking a bunch of potheads on the internet if u shoukd go to a doc, not only should you go to the doc, but find urself a woman or a man or common sence, but keep on toking! :smoke:

    Sorry if im blunt, sometimes you just gotta knock some sence into peoples heads.:devious:
  3. Well I know it sounds kinda dumb but i'm just trying to get some ideas. I've noticed there a ton of helpful people on here.
  4. could it be you got bitten by some bug or something?
    but ya numbness is obviously a concern for most people, concern enough that they would see a doc and not make web threads lol

    also try walk it off lol worked for me
  5. probably pinched a nerve... go to a chiro and get your back adjusted.
  6. Turn your mattress over...

  7. Like how to spell the word sense?
  8. Lol asking potheads medical advice. Although I am in school in hopes of becoming a doctor, and I was an emt, I still say asking is a bad idea.

    Just goooooo. It's most likely something minor they can fix pretty easily. But remember...

    "Doctors are sadist who like to play God and make lesser people scream."

  9. Id b lying if I said I cared bout my spelling, so long u get what im trying to say is the important part.
  10. try not sitting on your legs..

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