Should i retire my pipe?

Discussion in 'General' started by CAMAROWITHBASS, May 6, 2006.

  1. Well i have a little about 4'' long pipe made out of home depot tubing its a copper pipe i put toghter for $4.00. It was suppose to be a 1 hitter quitter just to smoke roaches out of.

    Been theres been many times i didnt have cash for papers or didnt feel like going to the store. MANY people have smoked out of this pipe including 1 homie that is longer with us.

    Question is i smoke everyday and my friends say its emberassing for me (us) to have a cheap pipe as much as we smoke. That i should invest in a quality pipe, but i say its the memories behind the pipe and the sentimental value is the reason why i keep using it.

    So the question should i retire it and move on and get a better glass pipe?
  2. if it were me, i would buy a quality bowl, but still honor that one on occasion because of the sentimental value of it to you.
  3. yeah i'd like save it for the dudes death anniversary or whatever its called
  4. i tried to retire my bubbler, the first glass piece i bought after i broke the stem (not the slide, but the pointy handle) but i couldn't. even after getting a bong, steamroller, spoon, chillum and a dugout, i still use this as my primary piece. i just have to use my thumb to cover up the additional hole that the wound made.
  5. hmm i would retire since ur friend thats no longer with you smoked out of it cherish that thing man put it somewhere safe
  6. heres some pics of my one and only pipe i love this pipe.


    I know for most of you a pipe of this nature is crap but this pipe has taken me on trips beyong your wildest imagination.
  7. Yeah, I'd invest in a new piece and retire that one, especially since it holds sentimental value.

    Or you could build another one just like it.

    But a good double blown glass pipe is like $30 tops.

    You still getting those lbs for $500?
  8. Dont retire it, but you should look into getting something new... change is good, and keep that around for "occasions"
  9. Retire it, buy a glass piece.
  10. Dude, just add it to your pipe collection list dude... that's what I'm starting.
  11. Well being that copper releases toxic fumes when heated with a lighter I'd say
    retire that pipe immediately and buy a nice glass piece.
  12. Keep it for special occasions, buy a nice bowl but still light up your old one every now and then. A new piece doesnt mean that you have to stop using it.
  13. It might be cheap, but it sure does have character. Definately get a glass peice though, you'll notice an immediate difference, I promise.

  14. $205 for a lb

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