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Discussion in 'General' started by deadkndys, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. So lets say my package from SCC im getting today looks like its been tampered with/resealed should I refuse it or if I sign for the package and the seeds are gone will SCC resend them?
  2. Do you know what your mailman looks like? If it's someone you have never seen be hesistant. But I don't suggest not signing. Seed shipping companies are very discreet.
  3. Prob shouldn't be an issue. Packages get opened up for a number of reasons.

    Ya know.. they don't deliver items that get stopped in Customs. Obviously.
  4. Im not concerned about a random person taking my seeds im worried about if customs took them or not.
    So even if I refuse a package that looks like its been resealed/tampered with SCC will not resend seeds correct?
  5. id make some form of documentation showing that it was opened before you open it. video would be best.
  6. [quote name='"BlazeLE"']id make some form of documentation showing that it was opened before you open it. video would be best.[/quote]

    I second this
  7. If customs took your seeds, they wouldn't just mail you the empty package.

    That's not how it works.
  8. From what I hear they will send you the package with a letter in it saying why the seized it.
  9. Right, so even if they did...

    You open the box, no seeds, call the place you ordered them from...
    They may send you a new shipment (most places will). My advise, send it to a new address as they prob have the old in some type of system for some time..

    Customs then send you a letter a little later asking if you want to claim or forfeit the property. Don't do shit. Just let it go, they get destroyed. The issues arise when you send them the letter back saying "Sure I forfeit my belongings".. as you just claimed possession for mj seeds coming into the US is clearly a bad choice.

    They really only take the belongings, supplements are popular to ship in from outside countries as the US has laws in-place about getting jacked I guess..

    Usually you're box has CLEARLY been in an altercation as the tape they reseal with prob says "US CUSTOMS BITCH" on it.. or 'US Gov. ect'

    Its not like customs is going to seize a doz seeds and then repackage them to come pay you a visit.. Unless you mail ordered 3,000 seeds hahahaha

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