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Should I quit weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Crackhead420, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. #1 Crackhead420, Jul 22, 2013
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    I know this is a weed forum but I don't want bias answers. The only time I enjoy being high is indoors, when Im outdoors with friends the buzz isn't as good or noticeable. If I vape or smoke before going inside then just chill on the computer listening to music and watching videos that's when I appreciate my high but I feel like somethings missing about weed and Im not entirely sure. I smoke/vape once or twice a week but prefer vaping a sativa to smoking an indica/sativa.
    Anyway yh these are the reasons why Im considering quitting:
    - I feel like somethings missing
    - I live with my parents and I wouldn't know their reaction if they caught me but I would know theyd respect me less at least and I love them
    - People who don't smoke judge me for using weed but not alcohol
    - Its expensive and I don't have that much money (I can afford it though cause I vape)
    - I feel if I quit weed then Ill have full clarity over my brain, I have good clarity now its just a thought
    - I think about weed a lot even though I can easily stop thinking about it I don't wanna
    - If I quit there would be absolutely no withdrawal symptoms and I don't think it would be on my mind much if I choose its not
    - There probably is a few side effects
    - I feel because of the police and my parents its risky
    - I fear its changed my personality
    Reasons I don't wanna quit:
    - I have made so many friends through weed, I don't want to be the only sober one whos not drunk or high, I guess I like drinking but not as much as smoking/vaping and only like once a month
    - Weeds kinda a motivation to meetup and a reason to meet my friends
    - I enjoy being high indoors
    - Its a great way to celebrate I guess?

  2. Man I took a break for all the same reasons. Kinda am still on the break. It just felt too risky and stuff, after my parents found the old spot where I hid my pipe and me claiming I held it overnight for a friend. Since then they dont really trust me I guess. And I hate the effects of weed, like being burnt after and just feeling lazy
  3. you could always start crack.... 
  4. This
  5. Usually if you have to ask you should quite or at least take a break and see if you feel like you're better off without it.

    By the way, I've seen people continue to be friends with their friends that quit. It just depends on their maturity level.
  6. Don't ask whatever the fuck you wanna do.
  7. I keep my weed and paraphenalia in a pair of speakers so my parents don't find it :D you should do the same and I know I hate that burnt out feeling! That's why I started vaping and I never get it from vaping :D
    Yh my friends would be my friends its just that weed brings us closer if that makes any sense? and I just bought some so Im gonna vape a bowl or two and pay attention to the high and if I truly enjoy it or not. I ask stupid questions at time and I have a feeling this is one ahah, thanks though! Also nice pic, is that you?
  8. No one should stop using weed unless they are allergic or its taking control of there life or the mom/dad/boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't approve of it. Mary Jane isn't a hoe. Don't hit and quit. But t breaks do help in my opinion.
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    A person should only stop smoking weed for one of two reasons. One they want to, or two they have to.
  10. Good advice! I don't need a tbreak though if I get really high, I guess I was asking a stupid question
  11. No man your just I just think the situation would have to be very importand and serious to stop.
  12. Ahah yh thanks. Also just wondering, what do you feel when your high?
    I personally just feel like Im sinking in my seat and feel awesome when listening to music.
  13. Yes. 
    You've got all kinds of great reasons to do so.
    Your reasons not to seem to boil down to, "My friends won't like me any more." I'm sure we both can see how silly that is. If you have to be high or have weed with you for your friends to like you, then you've got shitty friends anyway. Find some new ones, who will support you in whatever you may decide to do. 
    PS: Don't be so sure about the lack of withdrawal effects. You may be right, but you may be very very wrong. This is, to me, a reason to stop more than it is a reason to continue and make them worse when you finally do stop, however.
  14. I feel like i can do anything. Anything is possible. I really cant i fail multiple times but gooood times and vibes!
  15. I get no withdrawal effects when I stop at all personally, I know there is for some people though and I meant like Id feel left out if everyones passing around a joint and Im just sitting there wanting a hit.
  16.  Nice feeling, but remember not to sit around talking about what you plan to, or might do...actually try and do something.
  17. So basically that's your reason you smoke? ahah sounds fun :D
  18. I'd add a "yet" to the first part of that sentence, if I were you. 
    And why would you feel left out? Can you not enjoy socializing if you're not high? Do your friends not really interest you when they're high, if you aren't? Any way you answer, if you can't feel comfortable and enjoy yourself without weed....that sounds like a reason to do some self-work rather than just covering up the issue with drugs, in my opinion.
  19. if you enjoy it and think its worth your money, dont quit. otherwise quit
    Yeah I try to do something. Especially when I started working out and its one reason. The other is just pure happiness that I normally don't get haha

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