Should I quit smoking for this guy?

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  1. There's this guy I'm really into but he said he said in order to date him I can't do any drugs. I'm cool with most of that, but I really don't want to quit smoking pot. I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

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  2. That's fucking stupid. I love when I can blaze with my girl. Not worth it imo
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  3. If he can't accept that you smoke then he ain't the person you want to be with.
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    If he's setting guidelines to begin dating him, imagine the guidelines he'll set to continue dating him.
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  5. If a girl told me to quit in order to date her, I'd get out of there so fast.

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  6. Fuck that.
    Come smoke a pound

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    I would never bother with a woman who said that to me. Too controlling and petty. As long as what I do isn't hurting you, you have no right to tell me not to do it. Besides, I'd rather somebody pass me up because they don't like me, then them to try to change things about me.
    Cliché as it is, find someone who accepts you for who you are. Or lay down some stricter ground rules in return :p
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  8. I wouldn't. Smoking is something that's a part of me it's not just something I do. Sho if a girl wanted me to stop smoking that means she doesn't accept me for who I am and that's not ok with me.

    I cannot date a girl who would try to change me as long as I'm not hurting myself or others.
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    Fuck that punk. He is some sort of control freak.
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  10. If a dude really liked you he wouldn't give a shit if you smoked and he sure as hell wouldn't be laying ground rules. He is already making you mold to him and you aren't even dating. Id toss him to the curb and find someone more open minded.

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  11. The guy isn't trying to control you he's just put it out on the table take it or leave it; I've done the same thing with different issues before and it wasn't about controlling the girl its just that I couldn't be with a girl who did blank or was blank and I made it very clear at the beginning before she wanted to pursue anything. Its up to you, do you want him bad enough?
  12. Fuck that.

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  13. Just ask yourself if you are actually into him or not.

    If you are you will stop smoking.

    Love in the end is about sacrifice and appreciation. 
  14. Nope, if you have to sacrifice any part of your own identity for a relationship then you are going for the wrong person. Find a guy who likes you for who you are regardless of what you smoke and don't settle for some dude who only likes an idealized version of you but not the actual you.
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  15. This.
  16. You can not quit doing anything for anyone unless you want to quit for yourself first
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  17. Doesn't sound like you're compatible people if you can't find compromise.
  18. Since obviously this forum is overwhelmingly going to tell you not to change for him. Go post on a right-wing, religious message board and see what advice they give you. Then make your decision... I guess. Now I feel stupid answering because you posted on a weed forum.
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  19. How dare you even consider that. Besides, he's not worth it. It's like he thinks he's too good for you because you smoke weed. Fuck that shit.
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  20. Weed's not a drug.
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