Should I prune the lowest fan leafs? (Pic)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Steve Harper, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    My plants are growing really bushy, and I was wondering if I should prune the lowest of the fan leafs for better light penetration and air flow.

    How would this affect growth of the rest of the plant?


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  2. i wouldn't, until they are dying anyway, they are feeding your plant, try lst instead
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    Ok well, your plant are still very short. Tho what I do right after giving them 30 hours of darkness to stimulate the flowering process I clean of all the lower branch's. Basically I keep the top bud and the 8 branches under the top bud. Everything else gets cut off. This keeps the plant clean and the plant concentrates on the branches it has left.
  4. Thanks, I'll just leave them on until the plant gets bigger and prune before flowering.

    This is my first grow so I don't want to try LST yet, maybe next grow I'll try SOG, LST and
    Coco looks cool.

  5. did u look at the plants I don't think he's ready for flower lol

  6. i'm only on my 2nd grow, was timid of lst as well, but on this grow I had to, cause when I put her to flower she outgrew my box. So after a week of flower I HAD TO lst her, and the bottom growth i've been getting since then is just nuts, getting alot more light in to the middle, plus some nice fat main colas. will post pics soon. can't wait till my next grow, will lst after the 3rd or 4th set of branches.
  7. they look nice tho, tight node growth, gl dude
  8. If anything, prune the upper fan leaves. The point of pruning fan leaves is to allow light to lower bud-sites. Pruning the lower fan leaves won't really do anything positive for you. If you want to prune something off of the bottom of the plant, clip off some of the smaller budsites that won't amount to much anyways. This will allow the plant to focus on the upper part of the plant which will give you less bigger colas as opposed to more smaller ones.

    Whatever you do, though, don't go nuts. It's easy to overdo shit like this, and that'll only hurt your yield in the end. Least riskiest route is to just leave them alone though;)

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