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Should I party tonight?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gigglestick87, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Aight blades, what do you think? My friend is throwing a party (I'm 21) and I can get free booze and he said we can smoke after the party too. There's gonna be like 150 people coming into this guys house though lol. Should I go? I wanna have a fun but safe night tonight
  2. i say go for it, no point wondering how good the party was/coulda been or regretting if if people tell you how it was ballin'

    although i can see how 150 people plastered could be a shitty time but if there is weed and tunes not too much can go wrong, and i guess just be aware of fights or w/e but that shouldnt really be a problem unless you get involved in shit
  3. Does your friend live in an urban or rural area?
  4. you might as well hit it up. you can always leave if it's lame. wtf else are you gonna do?
  5. yeah go for it, its Saturday why not!? Have a blast :wave:
  6. haha true. Can't complain since I'm getting free bud. I live in the city, but his house is very secluded. I'll go, but if it gets boring I'll just leave.
  7. Of course. Just don't get too wasted.

  8. lol I've def had the spins before getting drunk and then smoking. Not going there again hahahaha.
  9. Wear a tuxedo and roll in there high as fuck.

  10. if you want to?
  11. Yeah, be looking classy as fuck and get fucking wasted. It'll be hilarious to every one else.
  12. [quote name='"Madian"']Wear a tuxedo and roll in there high as fuck.


    I second this.
  13. ....It's Saturday night...FUCK YES
  14. carpe diem man
    momento mori
  15. Be sure to call and ask mommy and daddy for permission
  16. There's nothing wrong with getting your party on bro.

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