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Should I open the window when I use my lightbulb vape?

Discussion in 'General' started by uncookedyew3, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. I made a lightbulb vaporizer because its cold and I wanna get high. I'm gonna hop in the shower when I use and and turn on the hot water. I still live with my parents so if they smell anything im getting in shit.

    Should I open the window? What does it smell like? I have febreeze in case.
  2. No, you should not use a lightbulb vape period. The chemicals on them are terrrrible for you.

    Use an apple if you have to.
  3. Its a clear lightbulb

  4. Not just meaning the white powdery shit
  5. If you rinse it with salt and water it removes all the chemicals. Glass is glass.
  6. so is anyone gonna answer my question?
  7. Might as well.

    A lightbulb vape isn't exactly a reliable vaporization method. If it gets too hot and burns instead of vaporizes, it's going to smell just like a pipe would.

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