Should I Move To California?

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  1. So I currently live in Florida but I want to move to California.
    Not just because of the medical marijuana either.
    I'm studying to be a Marine Biologist, so college.
    Also are their more jobs there that are actually decent?
    What is minimum wage in California and is it enough to live on?

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    I recently moved to California. Luckily I had a plan all set up before I moved out there and I'm in a good position. But, looking around, I'm one of the few. 
    If you're going to be moving here, know that there's something waiting for you before you move. Minimum wage is not enough to live on out here. The amount of homeless people here is ridiculous. I see families going through the garbage in front of homes just to find something to eat. Granted, I live around LA so prices are going to be higher than if you move somewhere up north.
    Are you planning on going to school out here or have you already enrolled somewhere? If you wanna go to school out here but aren't enrolled anywhere, get a financial plan set and enroll before even thinking of coming out. There's some great schools on the east coast that offer majors in marine biology too, so don't rule them out because they aren't in California. 
    There are loads of people arriving here everyday with no real plan or sense of direction. Just an idea of what they want to do. If you know how to pursue your goal, rather than just want something to fall into your lap, you'll be fine.
  3. Yeah. My boyfriend is just about to finish school to be a paramedic so we would be moving to a bigger city.
    I'm just kinda browsing schools right now.
    Trying to find what ones would be best for me.

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    CA is the shit, dunno who has a marine biology program besides UC Santa Cruz and maybe cal state channel islands
    can't beat the lifestyle, not everybody can cut it tho
  5. Well I have some pretty good connects out there so I'm not to worried.

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  6. I'm in the sf bay area and right now min. wage is 10.75ish. Not too bad right but when ur paying 1000 per room it adds up. I have a 2 bedroom that's 1800 a month n that's a decent price. Plan for at least 2k a month on rent and don't get a car, unless u can't get to the transit lines then sometimes a car is a must.

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  7. University of Miami has one of the best marine science programs.
  8. University of Miami has one of the best marine science programs.
    I've heard but I'm really wanting to leave Florida

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  9. Just make sure if you do move here, you get funded, and ALOT. Cali is expensive and this state is mainly for entreprenaurs/hustlers now. Not for the lazy.

    Min wage is almost 9$, but the avg 1bed/studio is 900$-1100. Anything cheaper your living in the a rough community.
    No there are not alot of jobs here, there is if you go to college and pick the right major but from what i seen for women is to get in on the office/phone sales work.....they usually start at 10$ and make their way up pretty fast.

    Other then that cali is not easy to live here, Its a great state to live and theyre are good ppl, you just gotta look past all the bs. Were the most diverse state. We have everything here.
  10. I also live in FL and want to leave. I thought Cali might be good but I wouldn't move there unless I had a job lined up because their unemployment is worse than ours and ours fuckin sucks.
  11. Yeah the job market is tough out here. It's slowly getting better but I know so many people desperate for jobs. 

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