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Should I make Hash with Dank or regs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Zedstomper, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I want to use about an ounce of top shelf bud to make some has

    a qp of regs? which is advisable and any advice?
  2. I always use regs. Regs has actually a very decent yield when making hash. Why waste your flame(top shelf) to make something you can make with cheaper cannabis and in your case more of it. Your hash will be much more potent than your flame anyway.(top shelf) Which method of extraction were you going to use?
  3. Conventional wisdom is that a QP of regs should be used. This is because THC is TH C is THC. However, THC derived from for example ''white widow" is more potent than THC derived from "walmart".
    Simple analogy: the ribeye steak that I eat at Applebees is different in taste/quality ,than the ribeye I ate tonight at McCormick and Schmitt. Yet both are ribeye steaks!

  4. Well said.
  5. Yeah plus to get a decent batch of hash, even like a fingerbars worth you'll need probably more than a zip, it takes alooooot of resin and thc to chunk up into some sheesh.

  6. This is actually not true. THC is a unique chemical, therefore it dosn't matter where it is "derived" from, it's always going to be the same potency. That being said, if you use better starting material your end product will have a better flavor and more enjoyable smoke. I'd say use the zip of good nug, but it all depends on preference: some people would rather have more of an inferior product than less of a superior one.
  7. I agree. I'd rather have a lesser amount of hash that I would most likely enjoy more, but that is just me.

    Also what type of hash are you talking about? Bubble? Iso? Bho?
  8. I'd use the regs. The hash won't be much worse at all, you'll get more of it too. Plus, then you've still got your good shit.

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