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Should I make an appointment just in case?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by metallica2k1, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. I smoked some possibly moldy weed a couple nights ago. I feel fine, nothing weird going on with my health. The guy that brought it over thought it might have a small spot of mold on it, but I didn't think it was moldy after looking at it so we smoked a joint and a bowl. I hear moldy weed smells like ammonia (or urine I'm told), and it didn't smell like it as far as I could tell. It smelled, looked, and tasted fine to me but the possibility of mold is bugging me out a lot.

    I'm prone to anxiety problems, so I've been reading shit on the internet all day and freaking myself out. I read a bunch of possible things that could happen from smoking it, but nothing about what to look for, a time table of symptoms, when to see a doctor, etc. Should I set up an appointment with my doctor even though I feel fine? How long would it take for an infection to develop if I did smoke mold?
  2. Dont worry man. youll be fine.. If it had just a lil, chances are it wasnt enough to hurt you. chill out bro, you will be ok.
  3. Do you feel sick? Go to the doctor.

    Do you feel not sick? Don't go to the doctor.
  4. You're fine. Forget anyone said anything about mould.
  5. Yeah, i am pretty sure i got moldy weed one time and i knew it within 12Hours.. I was Puking my brains out and was not able to stay off the toilet..
  6. Thanks guys/gals/whatever. I've layed off the smoking all day because of this, and had a hellish morning of IBS symptoms. I didn't want to smoke because I know it can lower your immune system's effectiveness. The main thing I was thinking is that one full day wouldn't be enough to see symptoms. I'll wait another day just to be on the safe side I think.

    Four years of smoking and I've only encountered moldy weed twice, so I don't/didn't know a whole lot about it.
  7. If that is what makes you feel safe, then by all means do it.
    Im jsut saying, i smoked some moldy weed and knew within 12hours.. And even if it had a Tad bit of mold, i dont think it would of been enough to harm you..
    Gl, and Happy T-Break ;)
  8. your good
  9. ya be fine man keep smokin

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