Should I just leave it?

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    So I met this guy because I wanted to pick up some bud and it was around 1am, he meets me near my house and I came to find out he actually lives not too far away. (5 min walk).

    We met up again the following day and blazed up and I was really happy. (I don't know anyone to blaze with in my area, always gotta bus 20-30 mins to my friends so it was really exciting to find someone in my area that blazes). This guy seemed pretty chill and he offered me 100$ ounces, told me he picked up a pound.

    We met the following day and I asked to try the shit out, he blazed me up and it was pretty good bud. I thought 100$ for an ounce? Thats a fucken crazy deal. So I picked up the o, and it was fine. I picked up 1 more o after that, and everything was fine.

    Then 2 days ago I picked up an O again, 3rd time now. I went to deliver some to some buddies and I scaled it out and it came to 20g?

    I texted this guy that night and called him but he didn't answer, so I thought he was prob sleeping and he just made a mistake on his scale or whatever.

    I've been calling him all day yesterday and today, leaving texts tellin him it was short, askin to give me a call when he's free, and he hasn't gotten back to me yet. Throughout the 4 days when I first met him he was really quick to answer the phone and stuff, so I know he's not the type to leave it lying around. I'm not sure what else to do because I acutally like the guy, and he seemed really chill and he also did hook up 2 ounces for 200$ within the past few days, so it makes no sense that he would randomly jip me 8 grams.

    Do you think I should just keep texting/calling him and wait it out? I'm just really confused because I don't see the point in scamming 8grams from me since I was pickin up an ounce everyday and I thought we were chill... :S plus it sounds to me like he's dealin ounces and pounds already, so what's 8 a mere grams am I right? It doesn't seem worth it for him.

    I'm also not going to fight this guy or anything like that, because from selling the other 2 ounces I have already profited enough to cover this loss easily, I just don't know if I should continue calling/whatnot or just leave it.

    tl;dr Bought 2 ounces from new dealer, started a "friendship". Bought a 3rd ounce and it came 8g short, and it seems like hes dodging me. What to do?
  2. Maybe he got busted? He will probably call u back when he can . I always trip on stuff like that but its usually an honest mistake and I have to apologize for gettin all crazy lol.
    If its not something like that then he wont call u again and has already deleted u or marked u as "DO NOT ANSWER"
  3. That sucks dude if you know where he lives give him a visit. I Sorta know how u feel, one time I bought a half oz for 200 and half of it was swagg, a whole fucken quarter of swag. I was pissed.
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    Haha ohhh right I never thought about that, maybe it's some big coincidence.
  5. i thought ur price was god until i saw your loctation and then felt better about myself. lolol, that sucks.

    but id just let time take over, try to and hit him up in a day or two and see whats up and mention what happened if he answers, but i wouldnt even trip....

    100$ ounce, 100$ for 20 grams, either way, thats a crazy fat bag in my area.
  6. Honestly man as you yourself stated you made money. I'm sure he is aware of that. You came out ahead. Give him a little time and see what's going on.
  7. dont know anybody who smokes weed, yet you sold two zips?
  8. Maybe he was offended that you kept flipping the shit he was tryna give you a good break on price for? I've seen it happen.
  9. 100 a oz...
    28 grams..
    28 dime bags/ 10$ gram
    180$ profit. + money for another zip
    go make money.
  10. Or try and get a qp for 300
    112 grams= 112 dime bags
    112 dime bags= 1120
    It's all about clientele
    Easy money
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    Damn a whole quarter of swag? You must be pullin hoes...
  12. dude bud is 20 a g where i live....
  13. I'm call'in sketch on this
  14. 20 a g here too, tourists pay up to 30 a g lol. One drunk guy at a bar offered me 100 for an 8th he was so desperate lmao
  15. My friends just stopped texting me this last week.

    Turn out his phone was broken and hers was disconnected. Weird shit happens all the time.
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    I know here in Vancouver it is actually more around 150-200 an ounce, this deal was one of the best deals I have ever gotten and it was only cause he picked up a few pounds.

    100$ ounces don't come by often, so I pounced on it.

    I hope he wasn't offended I was flipping the ounces, I mean I make money, he makes money, were all happy am I right? I know for sure he was getting the ounces probably 70$ an ounce to, at that volume.

    Ah well I'll wait it out a few days, thanks guys.
  17. Haha vancouver prices are crazy good. I moved here when i was 19 and never looked back... 20/g? i dont even know if i could afford to that..
  18. Trust me man, you'd notice 8 grams missing when you scale the fucking thing out. Fuck, I feel bad if a .1 is missing LOL!

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