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Should I/How should I Quit?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rileyyyyyyyyyyy, May 11, 2010.

  1. I've been smoking bud for about a year now, and its been a great. =]

    However, I feel as though I need to stop. I know there are no real negative effects to ganja except the whole having smoke in your lungs thing, but that isn't why I'm contemplating quitting. I'm a good football player and a good student, and I have been constantly talking with recruiters and coaches for the last few months. At this point it seems that I have a good chance to get on a D1A football team and also possibly use my athletics to get into an Ivy League school.

    I love smoking with my friends but it seems as though I could be jeopardizing my whole future by doing so...
    Sooooo....What should I do? Should I quit? If I quit how should I do it? (like just not hanging out with my stoner friends as much or just avoid hangin with them when they are smoking)

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks :D
  2. Honestly if you have the chance to go to an Ivy League school and your thinking your jeopardizing this for weed then your making a bad decision.

    you don't necessarily need to quit but change your usage.

    So work on your athletics as much as possible and once you have completed your tasks for the day (school and athletics) then you can sit back and smoke up.

    Its about moderation and balancing the aspects of your life.

    Good luck
  3. This, use weed after you've done your work.
  4. Yea man definitely take a break for awhile .. Wishing you the best of luck buddy :hello:
  5. Being on an enforced T-break myself, I can tell you quitting sucks.
    If you're that worried about the smoke, switch to a vape. I know they can be expensive, but I'm fairly sure there's a cheap portable one, I don't know the name but someone around the forums should.
  6. My girlfriends brother smokes like a Chimney and he just got a scholarship for an Ivy League School for football, I'm unsure if he stopped for awhile but I'm pretty sure he didn't. IDK, I'd say don't quit, just stop till everything is settled and you're life is set.
  7. To OP: Please. By all means do NOT jeapordize your future. I messed up my life because of ganja. But now I've gotta work my way up. But I lost alot. I made bad decisions. So take it from someone who knows. Dont do it.
  8. Watch out for drug tests too. Stay safe and don't fuck up man, you have a huge opportunity here. I'd just smoke weed on Sunday's or Saturdays where there is nothing to do. But when there is something to do, do it even if it is clean your room or something, just finish everything you have in priority then smoke weed.

    Plus what's better than smoking weed in a super organized enviorment? I think it's better to chill out in a nice room then a dirty one.
  9. Should you quit? Only you can say that, but if you have a shot at the Ivy League stop smoking until after you are done with school and move on with life.

    How do you quit? You just stop.
  10. The biggest thing you need to worry about it drug testing but if they aren't testing for marijuana then just try to not smoke in public areas because its better getting caught at your house by your parents then getting caught by the police
  11. ^this. That you have started a thread should be enough to cause alarm bells.
  12. I believe that OP is worried about the illegal aspect rather then the effect on the body. If so then I'd recommend trying to take your mind off of it or try some of that legal herb stuff (jwh-018 iirc) if that's the case.
  13. You messed up your life because of bad choices. Cannabis had nothing to do with that. Some of the most intelligent, successful, motivated, artistic people in the world smoke Cannabis and they don't seem to think it is hampering their achievements. Quite the opposite, they feel it helps with their cognitive skills and it enhances their artistic abilities.

    I have been using Cannabis for medical reasons and it has enhanced and improved my life in so many ways. Cannabis can't mess up your life. YOU mess up your life. That's like shooting someone to death and then blaming the gun for the murder.
  14. I was in kind of the same boat as you. I got offered a really good job but they drug test regularly.

    The way I look at it is, do what's best for your future. Weed will always be waiting for you but a job/sports team might not. Yeah it sucked for the first week when I stopped (especially because I have trouble falling asleep at night and weed really helped with that) but i got used to it really quick.

    As for your friends. Just tell them your situation, they should understand that your future comes first and if not they aren't that good of friends to begin with.

    Only you can decide if you should or should not quit and all it takes is a little self control to not smoke.

    Good luck man!:wave:
  15. No, it's like drug abuse. Don't be so naive to think that grass can't mess up your life. It's like any other drug, it has the potential to be abused.
  16. Quitting is your choice, but if your worried about it affecting your football skills then ima have to just say "Micheal Vick."
  17. i think your thinking of Iolite or something like that
  18. #18 Pj1008, May 11, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 11, 2010
    Everything has the potential to be abused, I have a friend that failed out of college because of playing world of warcraft. Smart kid could of been a strait A student but he spent all night playing world of warcraft instead of writing papers/ studying. Do you blame world of warcraft for him failing or do you blame his stupidity for choosing to play a game over doing what's important?

    Same goes for weed. It's not addictive it's your choice to smoke over do the important things in life. If you chose weed over the important things that that was your stupidity not weed.

    I used to smoke a 1/4 to a 1/2 ounce of headies a week and held a steady job. I got offered a better job that has regular random drug tests and quit smoking that day. I made the right choice, some don't, I blame them not whatever they decided to do instead of the important things.
  19. Thanks for all the suggestions/help. =D
    One thing I think people have misunderstood though... I am not considering quiting because I think it will hurt my athletics/grades. It is more of a fear that I will get caught with it.

    Once again, thanks for all the replies =]
  20. Dont quit forever, just take a break until you get everything figured out.. But its just to early to say your quiting forever

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