should i harvest?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Chris Lopez, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. my plant has been in flower mode for a couple days over a month now, and i dont think i can keep it it the spot im in for much longer, if i were to harvest, say tonight, would i be at a significant loss of quality and quantity or am i ok:confused:
    plz any thoughts or commetns will be more than apreciated
  2. Yes, that would be a huge loss in quality, quantity and all that, but it beats losing the plant, if thats the only option.
  3. !!!ughh im such a loss right now!!!
    i think i might be able to hold out for another week but im not so sure!!
  4. i saw the pics of your plant and i must say it looks pretty potent of course it wont be as potent as it could be. but it wont let u down thats for damn sure. even if u did chop it now it would still be better than alot of weed you could buy, except for real good nuggies that is
  5. yea this is defantly better smoke then what i usually get my hands on thats for sure!!!
    but i guess im just bummes im not guna be able to see her in her peak...but its all good cuz imma have mad nuggets

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