should i harvest not or leave for a week?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by blohead, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. i have been growing indoors since the start of may. my plants i think are nearly ready, i have checked the buds over the last 2 weeks and they are not getting any bigger, the buds lower on the plant are 75% brown, the ones towards the top are about 10% brown, please help as i don't want to lose out on the yeild, im am intending to harvest this fri
  2. if it were me i would go ahead and harvest the lower ones and let the tops kee4p going.

  3. yeah mate what he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ sounds good
  4. yes harvest, after all you have been waiting long enough!
    good luck
  5. i have decided to leave for another week as there are atill a lot of white hairs on the top, so another week should do, should i let all the bud pistls go brown?
  6. Determine ripeness by the condition of the tricomes, not the pistils. Get a magnifying glass good enough to see them, they should look like lolly pops with a big bulb on the end of the stem. If the individual glands (tricomes) are turning brown and falling off you are losing potency and should harvest. It's fine to take the lower buds and leave the tops to go longer, they look less done because this is where the plants are concentrating their energy.

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