should i harvest lower branches so the tops can get bigger?

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  1. because the bottom ones are mature. they are cloudy. and i want some cloudy. but i want 50 percent amber. will it hurt my plant if i harvest the lower branches. and will it get bigger because the plant will use it's energy to get the top bigger. i got the dutch passion #1. please give me your advice
  2. No, if you want you can trim the leaves off at the bottom of the plant, making the plant divert the enegy towards the buds to make them bigger.
  3. i thought the fan leaves was the solar panals for the buds. people told me not to do that
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    Yah you can harvest like that sure. I do that all the time. But I leave the pop corn to grow not the tops. The tops are the first that go for me. Then I let the popcorn buds get bigger.

    Remember that most your weight on the buds comes in the last two weeks. Do not chop to early. Good your checking trikes friend.

    Some people pick fan leafs and some do not. IMO never pick any leafs. During flower your plants gets most it's nitrogen from the leafs. Thats why they turn yellow.

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