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Should I grab? Feeling guilty

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by danik420, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Alright so I recently lost my job and have been feeling more and more guilty when I buy weed when I have no source of income. I have about 2000$ left in savings and a job interview on friday.

    My connect just told me he has some real fire shit and I was hoping to grab an eighth but am having second know, feeling like a loser because I'm spending my last 2k to buy weed.

    What do I do? What would you do? Thanks.
  2. Just take a break til you find a job or else you could risk fucking yourself. And who knows the job may have a drug test. But on the bright side an eighth isn't that much so its not too bad.
  3. FFS man. No job/income and you're looking to buy weed? :?

    Priorities man...
  4. Food or something that makes you want food really bad? Dying due to hunger or living? Failing drug test and becoming homeless or pass drug test and get money, then more weed.

  5. Well I would agree with this but do you mind explaining your situation to us? Like are there things that that 2k can go towards? Are you saving for something? Or is it just sitting there?
  6. If he has no income, I'd assume he would be using the 2k to be paying bills.

    If you know your normal budget for the month, and you have enough money to pay what you need to do, I don't see the problem. Also if your actually looking for a new job & and know possibly you will be getting a new one, go for it.
  7. Why not pick some up for yourself after your interview.

    You need to think about possible drug testing as well though and how you would handle that.
  8. in situations like this i tend to give in and buy bud,but conserve that shit!make it last until you get another job.

    thats what id do atleast.
  9. It's 35$ just buy some week dud
  10. [​IMG]
  11. it's not like you're spending $2000 on weed. BUY IT!
  12. As long as it won't b in the way of you possibly getting a new job go for it. However if it will then it's not worth it. Wait till u get the job then smoke like you've never smoked before.

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