Should I go to the Hospital?

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  1. I got hit by a car today not like RUN OVER but they hit me and i bounced off and really messed my knee up like 3mm deep wounds. I'm starting to worry that i may have a blood clot in my legs although there is no pain in the leg that was hit I'm just sketching over it. It happened almost 12 hours ago and im really afraid >_>
  2. yes, go to the hospital
  3. /thread
  4. I seen a kid i knew get hit by a car in 7th grade it was so surreal he did a flip and flew up like 8 feet and landed like 30 feet away, had a concusion and dislocated shoulder sucks
  5. go to a witch doctor. he'll voodoo you right up.

    fakedit: if you're injured, seek medical assistance.
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    Depends, do u have health insurance? If so, go. If all it costs you is a $5 copay it's better to be safe than sorry.

    If however u don't, and can't afford the bills, I'd say wait it out. If you start having any weird symptoms then high-tail it over to the hospital regardless. Just pay attention to the signals your body gives you, and don't let the anxiety decide for you.
  7. I don't see why not. Don't want to have a really fucked up knee for awhile I'm sure of that.
  8. Yes of course. You should have done that right after the accident.
  9. i guess im the only one who thinks he should walk it off?

  10. LOL docters don't do shit, smoking weed fixed my broken arm.

    Try it
  11. i kno dude, medical treatment is so overrated. :smoking:
  12. Uh, yeah. Pretty much everyone is going to tell you to see a doctor. You're probably going to feel like shit tomorrow, too. I got hit by...wait for it...a lime green Pinto in high school. He was stopping, but I still flopped onto the hood and down onto the ground. It sprained my knee, bruised my ribs and arm, sprained my elbow, etc. I was out of school for a few days because of the pain.
  13. Also - if you got the information for the fool that hit you, their insurance will usually pay for medical treatment.
  14. I was hit by a car going 23mph when I was 10. Front flipped off my bike and flew over the hood.. Someone ended up calling the amberlamps and I got hauled off to the hospital.. Next thing I know I'm getting a cast on my arm.. I didn't even break anything.. Only had a few bruises. :confused:
  15. You should've gotten the guy's information and gone to the hospital right away. If there's no proof of who hit you, and you are injured then you're SOL and will have to pay any expenses yourself.

  16. those damn amberlampses

  17. :hello::laughing::laughing:
  18. lol dude!! i got ran over today too its was fuckin crazy they was goin like 30 atleast
  19. i was hit by a buick Crossover going bout 10 round a corner i bounced and he drove off fast as hell so it was more of a hit and run it seems that I'm fine my knee is just in a ton of pain from the slide. I have a 3mm deep wound in my knee that is still bleeding barely It's been almost 24 hours since the accident.

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