Should I go to the doctor's? (Whom I hate)

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. I've had over $100 of medical expenses this month. I've gone several times for a mild cough hoping for a liq hydrocodone prescription. I was actually sick so I have no shame trying to get it and milk it as long as I can, plus it's only 10 dollars for 4-8 Oz So not only does it stop my coughing which is monotonous and keeps me up all night. I ended up getting a refill. I think the cause was because of my sinuses. Anyways when I went the last time and he gave me the HC he pretty much said I was cut because it has addiction potential. He said if I come back again he's going to recommend me to an x-ray specialist to look at my lungs because once I had a bad bronchial infection.

    Now for the past 3 days I've had a none stop splitting headache. I want to drive something in my head to relieve pressure. I can't be up till 3 every night in pain having to wake up at 6 for school. It's so bad it goes to my teeth. I've never thought about suicide till I had this fucker. I'm worried I have an inner ear infection. One ear is kinda closed up but neither hurt and have any other symptoms. I still have a cough and I still can't sleep. I just want the best cough medicine I can get, which obviously codeine works the best. It stops coughing, allows me to sleep, and will probably help my headache. I don't want something half assed which will most likely be more expensive because the doc just doesn't want to give me something. I'm sure it's a different 'cold' but my doctor will give me some shit most likely even though it's a fucking head cold. I don't want xrays, it's bullshit and unnecessary.

    I don't know if I should go. I don't want to deal with him. I know he's going to screw me over. Last time he gave me a cough syrup without HC that was $50 and it didn't do shit for me. It's going to be 10-20 for the visit, then god knows what for the scrip.
  2. Dude I had that at the beginning of the summer. I got the x-rays and got nothing else. I was in so much pain. I had to keep smoking to make it feel better but it was fun wile smoking but after I was good.

    I am blazed right now:hippie:

    But just go and request your medication. Tell him your reasoning
  3. I also just found a dime sized bump on my inner thigh (under skin)... I don't want cancer :(
  4. You smoke cigarettes or do anything that might give you cancer? I bet its not tho.
  5. Oh boy, you should get that checked out.
  6. Doc says I have a bad tension headache. Possibly caused by axiety, which I do have a axiety problem. Maybe I'm a hypochondriac. Anyone I got migrane medicine. Butablital 50mg. Looked it up and its a barbituate.

    Side effects:
    # Intoxicated feeling
    # Light-headedness
    # Nausea
    # Sedation
    # Addiction
    # Severe impairment of judgement

    What you think, anyone ever heard of it? I'm pumped that my headache will go away. Not to mention barbs are my fave. How many do you think would be required for it's recreational value? I can't find info on it anywhere.
  7. i'm sure he knows about erowid

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