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Should i go through with this for new years? (potentially epic?)

Discussion in 'General' started by Cold Beahs, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. its my friends 21st birthday on new years eve and were going to the beach with my clique to celebrate. going bar hopping, and got a hotel suite.

    i was thinking that it would be epic if i picked up about 6 or 7 bottles of cheap champagne, and poped bottles and sprayed them every where. i was going to get everybody cheap ponchos too so nobody cried about getting wet.

    what do you all think? would you be down? is it badass or what?
  2. eh not much of an in between response is there, eh? Could be epic
  3. Waste of money, drink the shit and spend a bunch of money on drugs.
  4. Don't bother getting the ponchos man haha just spray the fuckers.

    Sounds better than my god damn new years at moment
  5. exactly when does it get epic?
  6. I would be down. fuck it op
  7. fuck the ponchos just have fun with it if someone is gonna whine about getting sprayed then they need to lighten up and have is a party right?
  8. You could come up with a better idea to use that money than this, 7 blunts for example sounds better to me :D
  9. If your dead set on spraying people with booze, you may as well take it one step further and get a squirting stripper.....

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