should i go or not!!!?? quick response

Discussion in 'General' started by smooth08, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. so me an my buddy are sittin here, weve both had about 10 beers and a couple bowls, we are deciding weather or not to go and drvive to taco bell, i mean we have done it before, but its labor day weekend or whatever so we are scared of a check point.....

    should we risk it or not???
  2. no way dude, this risk is way too high. Seriously dude you could get a dui, or even worse get in an accident. I just dont think its worth it man.
  3. Not worth it!
  4. ok i guess weree not goin now u guys r riught
  5. Nooo labor day weekend is one of the worst times to drive drunk dude there is sooo many cops out, what if there was a roadblock or something, youre just fucked. Taco bell is fuckin gross anyway, you're just saving yourself the trouble of having an upset stomach.
  6. sooo not worth it

    I jsut got bacvk in from driving around with a few ounces I saw 7 cops in 9 miles

    not cool

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