Should I get this?

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    Blue Phire
    $230 for a diffuser, ice catch, and two percs. Are Phire bongs any good? Will it cause the base to break if it is smoked on the side? And does it matter that it doesn't seem like it can hold a lot of water?

    More questions. Is getting two percs overkill? If you know of a better offer, tell me please.
  2. Alot of people are gonna say Phire isn't very good glass. It's a vey nice design and I personally like it a lot. Regardless, I say if you like it then buy it. I wouldn't mind smoking out of that tube at all.
  3. lol thats hella sweet but i would just go for a no name and it would be like half the cost, im not a label whore.
  4. Really? I thought $230 for two percs and an ice catcher was a steal.
  5. That is a legit price for a brand name, my friend got a no named triple tree perc bong 2 feet tall with ice catcher and difuser for 280.
  6. If you like that bong go for it man, it's an okay piece, but phire.... well I can't say anything that good bout em.... but I'm sure as long as you handle that baby with care it will last for ever.... And the tokes you can pull from that will be insane so if you like it, buy it!:smoking:

  7. i saw that exact piece but in red and no label here in portland for 175. thats not not a good deal for 230. get no name bongs. just as good and cheaper.
  8. What is a good site for high quality bongs?
  9. im ording that rite now

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