Should i get rid of the gun

Discussion in 'General' started by weedboss, Aug 17, 2003.


Should The Gun Remain?

  1. Hell Yeah

    0 vote(s)
  2. Hell No

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  1. Works like this which ever one reaches 10 votes i will choose.

    K let's get voting. ;)
  2. I will not tell a lie...I voted yes. It's a cool gun and I have nothing against them...I have one in my computer drawer. I just think that you're cool without it.

  3. That's kool and alll for ya honesty Rumjil but if you read the question it says "Should the Gun remain" and You Voted Yes *LOL* i will use my vote up for that then babe and vote No.
  4. Well, I realized that and went back and changed it before you busted my ass on it, though.

  5. Kool ;)
  6. Someone needs to put the two of us in a room somewhere so we can go at it tonight. You remind me of one of my friends...we bicker back and forth and call each other out on everything you can imagine. :D You're fun tonight!
  7. Haha Rumjil, if i had a gun in my computer desk drawer i woulda shot holes in my shit before windows95OSR2

    Damn microsoft!!!


  8. Well i do try ;)


  9. That, of course, would be me with the whip!!!

  10. U wish i'm the intelligent one with the you know what so i whip you suffer wuhahaha *Evil Dirty Laugh*[​IMG]

  11. There's no way, boss. I'm just too good. Even if you had the whip initially, I'd use my jedi mind tricks (women's intelligent ways, of course) and get it from you.


    :::: crack ::::

    :::: very evil and sadistic laugh ::::

  12. Hell why not i will most probably enjoy it too [​IMG]

  13. Tell Earl ill take a Klashnekoff ;)

  14. [​IMG] Let's Fight Redi Vs Jedi

  15. Nice i will take that AK and might use it for cyber killings in the future ;)

  16. lmmfao

    that's why i'm pro gun control, a helluva lot of computers would suffer a premature and painfull death :D

    as for the gun sig... it's a bit aggressive and thus not *quite* as mellow as this forum. but hey, not my sig.

    do what thy want, that is the law. freely after AC
  17. As long as the safety's on I'm cool with it
  18. hahahhaha omg its so close

    there both at nine!!!! the suspence is killing me, it is really i WANT TO KNOW WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN!!

    :: keeps refreshing till he sees what wins ::
  19. i know what your talking about Goblem the suspence is unbearable :D.
  20. Voting over.

    Should The Gun Remain?

    Official Results

    Hell Yeah - 10

    Hell No - 9

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