Should I get prescribed to medication?

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  1. I have bad social anxiety, terrible self esteem, sleeping issues, and a bunch of other things.

    The doctor said that i suffer from mild depression as well, and that they can prescribe me to something, but a side effect is suicide. it's not common, but it's not rare.

    but i figured, why would i take something that could make me want to kill myself? how would that make my depression better.

    so I was wondering, among all of you pill lovers, are there any legal prescriptions that i can get to make myself feel better? and if so, which ones would you suggest? I figure if i go to my doctor, he'll ask me if i have any recommendations for prescriptions [as he has before], so I figure the more i know the better.
  2. weed always lifts my spirits. get a medical card if its possible where you are
  3. i live in Wisconsin. and of course I smoke already :)
  4. weed will help you out
  5. well i'm on 50 mg straterra and 300mg welbutrin, i suffer from moderate to severe depression, moderate adhd, mild social anxiety, and sleeping issues.

    i can say that the straterra and welbutrin help out majorly with the add, and help the depression out as well.

    my anxiety is worse taking them.

    ask around in your area and see if you can find a respectable doctor, explain to him your issues, and trust his opinion. there are so many people on anti depressants, and close to none of them commit suicide, especially because of the anti depressants.

    and if you happen to start feeling worse, stop taking them and youll be fine.

    you could get some pretty cool anti anxiety/sleeping meds as well:cool:
  6. Take an e pill man. Haha
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    The doctor was more than likely talking about antidepressants (SSRI's). SSRI's are fucked up. They help some people, at least for a while. But so many of the side effects aren't worth it. I got prescribed Paxil for anxiety and went home and looked it up. There's more bad side effects than good, so I said fuck that. Now I'm prescribed Lexapro but I have yet to take that because it's damn near the same shit, just a different name and maybe a little different chemical structure. People who start taking antidepressants then stop taking them suddenly without gradually decreasing the dose do indeed often become very depressed for a while. I really wouldn't suggest that. If you live in a state with medical marijuana that's probably your best bet really.

    If you're referring to benzos, doctors don't just prescribe those right away. He'd probably have to try other medications and have them not work before they'd do that.
  8. well in my experiences thats not true at all. my psychiatrist was all on the xanax/adderall train. he wanted to write me a script for adderall, and i told him i wanted nothing to do with it. xanax is a different story.
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    I have alot of experience in this territory, Ive been clinically depressed, severe anxiety, and a very low self esteem my whole life. It's not something I choose, and its not something I can seem to absolve for good. But there are things that help me cope with it.

    A.) Conventional methods:

    1.) SSRI's and clinical trials: Ive been on Welbutrin, Lexapro, Paxil, and Buspirone on and off in the last several years. I think im forgetting one. I do not have health insurance... but if you look in your town, usually theyll have free mental health clinics and if you dont have much or any income, the treatment and meds are free. These meds are REALLY hit or miss depending on the person. I have found that over time, they do help but when I stopped taking them I have had more suicidal thoughts. They can help where other things dont, but only if your problem has to do with brain chemistry/seritonin levels.

    2.) The basics: Get enough sleep, stay hydrated, and eat well (enough) to take care of your body. Listen to your favorite music, helps you fight through some tough times where nobody and nothing else could help. Let each note shoot into your ear drum and analyze as it strikes different chordes within your soul. Find the ones that feel good or do something positive for you mentally and run with it.

    ...cont.) Be social with friends...this can help alot because it takes you out of your own mind boundaries and forces you to be happy and social around friends. Sometimes you dont feel like doing this though...and even when you do...Ill feel like Im being fake always smiling, happy, cracking jokes, just because somebody wants me to be social. Nevertheless this can't hurt.

    B.) Non-Conventional methods:

    1.) Weed (Dank) obviously: The less tollerance you have, the more this is going to help you. The more OFTEN you smoke, the less likely it is to be as helpful with depression/anxiety, and might increase or intensify these over time. Or rather, bring hidden insecurities to the surface, not cause them.

    3.) Xanax/Benzos: for RARE, SERIOUS incidents where you feel extremely panicy. This will help, but benzos should not be something to rely on outside isolated incidents.

    4.) Amphetamines: If you do not have ADD or ADHD, you might try a low dose of adderall (xr are double as potent, they release a 2nd wave after about 4 hours) or concerta and see what it does for you. Coke just doesnt last long enough to be of any help, so its just a possible addiction.

    Well I took the time to edit this alot and say everything I needed. Hope this helps in someway.
  10. just startin blowin the ganj.

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