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Should I get it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blunt Visions, May 13, 2010.

  1. A few days ago one of my friends said he got some chronic, you know, weed with coke, and he said he'd sell it for 25 a g. I'm not the type of person who messes with coke but I have been seriously thinking about it. Has anyone ever had chronic before and if so how does it feel?
  2. Chronic is not with coke..
  3. ...i thought chronic was just really good weed? (and a really good album)
  4. I know that it also means some good ass weed but here chronic is also weed mixed with coke. He told me it was weed and coke anyway.
  5. This is a touchy subject for me. I believe the common consenus that chronic is not marijuana and cocaine. However, I would also like someone to tell me how if it takes me two bowls to get high when I split two bowls with my friend of some "chronic" and was sitting my basement for six hours with my eyes closed making up cartoons in my head.

    What he meant was that it's not possible.
  6. I wouldn't buy that shit.. no wayyy. Sounds sketchy. He's probably just telling you that so you'll pay the 25.

    If you're gonna do coke, just snort it. :D
  7. lol, dude like I said I don't mess with hard stuff, or cigs or drinking. All about the weed man! But I just wanted to know if anyone had ever mixed the two together and smoked it.
  8. When I had chronic this happened;

  9. LOL you can't even smoke cocaine. Smoking it wouldn't do anything, you need to get it into your body some other way. Crack cocaine, however, is a smokable form of coke, it's cut with many more toxic chemicals and is much cheaper then coke as well.

    Just get a regular bag of good quality weed. You should get a gram of dank for around 20-25$
  10. I've done it, but man, he could be lying, i bought from a coke dealer, don't buy from some sketchy kid tryna charge 25 for some laced bud, it might not even be laced, you cant tell

    plus it was mixed with crack, not coke
  11. You know what I wish I could get some good ass dank but the college i'm at is dry this week (final exams probably idk) So only mids are around.

    You know what, I don't think i'm going to get it. I'll just settle with mids or until someone can get their hands on some headies.

    PS: K, it's crack and not cocaine, gottcha.
  12. if you wanna do coke buy some.. if you wanna smoke coke buy crack... imo weed and coke dont go well together.. they kinda even each other out. just stick to the green trust me.. cokes nothing but trouble. have you ever heard anyone say "man im glad i started doing cocaine..its made my life so much better"
  13. dammit beat me to it.
  14. Son, Chronic is just some killer weed. No coke in it. I don't know what you've been gettin.
  15. There's no crack in your weed. I suggest you buy it if it looks dank and you have no other options. Not under the assumption that there's cocaine in it though.
  16. Don't be a crackhead and start hittin the pookie.
  17. It's a waste to smoke coke, plus I'd rather snort it. Don't buy it.
  18. ask your dealer where it's from. from my knowledge, Chronic (westcoast) is just really high grade, dank bud. and Chronic (eastcoast) is marijuana laced with crack, to get the same affects like the west coast chronic...
  19. i just about died laughing.:p
  20. There was one time when I bought .3 G's of coke to lace my weed with it so I could see what it was like. First time was really great, I felt pretty euphoric - my face was numb and in general I was just super high off like 5 - 10 hits. Second time...not so great. Felt great like the first time for about a half hour then had this horrible, awful, disgusting crash. I could barely move I was so tired. I don't think I moved for the next 2 days overall I just felt like absolute shit. Havn't touched the shit since and never will. The only drug worth doing is weed man really I've done alot but it all comes back to weed. I dont touch anything but weed now.:smoking:

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