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Should I Get Hash Or Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FatJayz, May 23, 2013.

  1. I usually just get weed. My friend is bitching at me to get some hash, he said i can get it for 15 a gram. He had 3 grams when i was at his house yesterday and i took a hit of it from a 1 hitter but it was mixed in with weed so i didn't get to feel just the hash. I don't want to waste my money, he said one gram should last several days and i just can't imagine such a small amount lasting so long. I've never done any concentrates so i'm a little hesitant to try any. He also said that i can get some shrooms (are these unmentionable?) but i don't know lol Should i get the hash? how many hits of straight hash does it take to get high? whats best to smoke it out of? should i get a 1 hitter or some pipe screens?
    also, i hate the new look :(

  2. i hate smoking straight hash.  best to get green and add a little bit of hash.  if you do smoke it by itself, though, it will not take many hits to get high.  like 2-3 should be fine if you've never tried a concentrate before.
    id say give it a try, but get a little green if you can to smoke with it.
    oh, and yes those are unmentionable.
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    Hash is not a waste of money.  It lasts longer than weed and gets you higher.  If it's good hash it should take two hits at the most to get you stoned.  15 a gram for hash is a great price.  You're wasting money on weed.  I wish I had friends that could get hash all the time. 
    The best way to smoke it is in a pipe with a screen.  I wouldn't mix it with weed, either, as weed and hash give you different highs and I wouldn't ruin my hash high with weed.
  4. PERSONALLY I prefer bud. Hash gives a real clear high, sort of reminds me of a very good sativa. I just like that stoney feeling so I'd go with some strong Indica. If you can do both bud and hash, it will make your bud last you a lot longer! 
  5. yeah get both honestly, nothings better then a hash-topped green bowl.
  6. Because hash nowadays is really inconsistent I'd go with the weed, however good hash is better than good weed, have 1 or 2 hits of just the hash before you buy it.
  7. Think of it like this. 1 hit of good hash = 3 hits of good bud.
    This, hash goes a lot longer. Hot Knife it to get the most out of it, that's my personal opinion, though. I love hot knifing hash when I get it, but it's been awhile since I had straight hash... :(
    Get the hash.
  9. always go with hash. you can smoke it, you can eat it, you can mail it to me if you want, but always go with hash  especially at $15/g
  10. If that hash is 15 a gram its probably not that great...
  11. get a good super melt wax and one solid hit will melt your balls. i like the feeling it gives as it tingles over your brain.. you'll get hooked, hashhead for life!

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